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Completely Ridiculous Video Game Achievements

Video game achievements have evolved over the years, growing from simple high score bragging rights into a wild array of virtual status symbols. While most may be pretty straightforward and can be completed through normal play, some are a little more offbeat. Here are some of the most ridiculous video game achievements waiting to test your skills—and/or your patience.

Gears of War 2 - Seriously 2.0

Gears of War 2 kicks off our list with an achievement that's time-consuming, but not impossible to complete. The achievement 'Seriously 2.0' can be unlocked by completing one simple task: kill 100,000 enemies. We don't care how trigger-happy you are or how skilled you might be when it comes to mowing things down with a Lancer—you're going to have to put in a lot of man-hours for this one. Thankfully, there are a few tricks you can employ in order to speed up the process, like reloading to the checkpoint before "Act 5: Aftermath – Closure" to bomb 60-70 Locusts at a time. Just make sure you've autosaved and then complete the chapter to get your kills to count!

Avatar: The Burning Earth - the easiest 1,000 achievement points ever

This achievement from Avatar: The Burning Earth holds a special place in our hearts because of how laughably easy it is and how much it boosts your Gamerscore. Whether or not you're a huge fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender doesn't matter, because mashing the "B" button on the Xbox 360 to have Aang perform a slew of ranged attacks for a few minutes will net you 1,000 Gamerscore points. And did we mention that you can get this in the very beginning of the game? If you weren't a fan of Aang before, you'll probably love the arrow-headed bald dude now, because who doesn't enjoy being rewarded for lack of effort?

God of War: Collection - getting my ass kicked

And speaking of lack of effort, the God of War: Collection features a trophy that's almost kind of insulting. We all know that the eternally-cranky titular character Kratos is an incredible badass, but that doesn't mean the player controlling him necessarily knows how to wield all that power. If, at any point, Kratos dies over and over in the same spot, the player will unlock the "Getting My Ass Kicked" trophy and be given an opportunity to lower the difficulty. If you see anyone with this trophy online, now you'll have to wonder whether they're a completist or just really terrible at video games.

World of Warcraft - Higher Learning

World of Warcraft has an insane amount of content, so you can bet that there are also an insane amount of achievements to complete. Some of these achievements yield special rewards, either in the form of mounts, tabards, or awesome titles that let other players know how cool you are. The "Higher Learning" achievement, however, rewards you with a pretty unique pet called a Kirin Tor Familiar—but you'll need a lot of patience and luck to complete it.

In order to attain this genie-like pet, one must travel to the floating city of Dalaran. While there, the player must find eight hidden books on Arcane Magic. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. The books spawn at different times and at different locations, so you'll need to know the patterns and which paths to take. And of course, you also have to account for other achievement hunters vying for the same reward. Brew a few pots of coffee before you go after this one.


Fable 2 - Menace to Society

Fable 2 wasn't quite the perfect role-playing experience we were hoping for, but that didn't stop it from being a lot of fun. Part of the charm came from customizing your character's personality and interacting with the locals. The "Menace to Society" achievement takes advantage of that interactive ability—specifically by requiring your character to make unwanted advances towards the townsfolk. To unlock the achievement, purchase the "Vulgar Thrust" emote and use it on pretty much everyone in town in order to alert the guards. This can also be done with your character wearing absolutely nothing, making you even more of a deviant, but that choice would probably say more about you than anything else. In the words of the great Duckman, "You thrust your pelvis, huh!"

Rock Band 2 - Bladder of Steel

The "Bladder of Steel" achievement from Rock Band 2 tested more than your skills; it tested your very endurance as a gamer. To get "Bladder of Steel" you (or your band), had to complete the Endless Setlist 2 with no breaks and with no failures. This meant a straight six-and-a-half hours of continuous playing without stopping for anything. You won't literally ascend to the heavens as a rock god after completing this epic task, but you'll still be rock royalty in our eyes.

Sleeping Dogs - A Slap in the Face

Have you ever taken out an enemy with a fish? If not, the "A Slap in the Face" achievement in Sleeping Dogs allows you to make that dream come true. Main character Wei Shen is a veritable ass-kicking machine who utilizes his whole body and his surrounding environment to beat down his foes. It just so happens that some of these environmental attacks can involve fish tanks that spill forth with their slippery inhabitants. After bashing a dude's head into a tank, Wei Shen can than grab a scaly friend from the floor and beat his enemy with it.

You can come up with your own clever, fish-related pun here. How about something like: "So now you've tasted my fish of fury!" No? We'll let ourselves out.