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Take-Two Looks To Unbundle Its BioShock Remasters

If you want to play remastered versions of BioShockBioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite on an Xbox One or PS4, you currently need to purchase BioShock: The Collection. But that might not be the case for long, according to new PEGI ratings discovered by Gematsu.


The Gematsu Twitter feed shared the ratings via a screen grab earlier today, showing that Take-Two applied for separate ratings on all three remastered titles. Because BioShock: The Collection was one retail release, only one rating was needed. All three games wouldn't need individual ratings unless Take-Two was planning to release them all separately, so what we have here is solid evidence that, someday soon, you could potentially purchase any of the three games without having to pony up for the full trilogy.

The question is, why would Take-Two want to unbundle BioShock: The Collection

Cost could be a determining factor here. As it stands now, the full Collection package still costs $60 on digital storefronts. Take-Two might be looking at dropping each remaster down to $20 in order to boost sales, figuring that gamers might be more inclined to purchase one game at a time rather than plunk down sixty bucks on all three.


The holidays are right around the corner, as well, and the company might be looking at ways it can put all three remasters on sale without dropping the price of BioShock: The Collection substantially. Reducing each title down to, say, $10 could put them in impulse purchase territory. But in order to stand out with BioShock: The Collection, Take-Two might have to drop that entire package down to $20 or below.

Regardless of the reasoning behind the move, it's good news for consumers who might only want to play one or two of the games. Each title was pretty well-received, and all come bundled with DLC from their original releases. If you like your shooters with a little bit of horror mixed in — and if you enjoy a twist or two in your stories — there's a lot to like about the BioShock series.