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Celebs Who Are Obsessed With Fortnite

Surpassing 125 million players worldwide, Fortnite has become a pop culture phenomenon. The game is still booming, with Epic Games reporting 8.3 million concurrent players and 78.3 million total players for the month.  


With so many people duking it out for the coveted Victory Royale, it comes as no surprise that some high-profile personalities have thrown their lot into the fray. From music artists and actors to professional athletes, the list of Fortnite-obsessed celebs continues to expand, resulting in some impressive pairings with your favorite Twitch stars and pro gamers.

Fortnite continues to break records and, with the growth of its star-studded player-base, has moved further into the public eye. This bodes well for the future of the game, which somehow still seems to have room to grow. With that kind of exposure, things are looking up for the gaming industry as a whole.

Here are the celebs bringing Fortnite into the mainstream.


Drake came up to Ninja's level

Over the past year, Canadian rapper and entrepreneur Drake has turned into an unexpected icon of the gaming industry. 

His journey started in March when he joined pro gamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins for a record-breaking Twitch stream. The pair played a few matches of Fortnite: Battle Royale, before Juju Smith-Schuster and Travis Scott joined them for some team action.


The stream trended on Twitter and reached 628,000 concurrent viewers. This blew the previous record of 388,000 viewers out of the water. During the stream, Drake admitted to playing Fortnite for the past two months amidst working on his album. He also offered ideas on where the game's focus should be in future development.

Drake teamed up with Ninja twice more in April, donating $5,000 to the stream after Ninja secured a 16 kill victory. During their April 10 session, he even agreed to include Fortnite references in a future song if Epic added the "Hotline Bling" dance emote for in-game purchase.

The rapper's interest in Fortnite and the gaming industry extends beyond his collaborations on Twitch. On October 23rd, esports organization 100 Thieves announced the conclusion of their Series A funding. Drake, deemed a co-owner, was one of their final investors, rounding out the company's dream team.


100 Thieves has teams that compete in League of Legends, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. According to the organization, it was their focus on building a lifestyle brand that attracted business-savvy Drake to the company.

It's not a strange thing that Finn Wolfhard likes Fortnite

Continuing the trend of Canadian celebs obsessed with Fortnite is Finn Wolfhard, aka D&D-lover Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things. Born in 2002, Finn is the youngest person on this list and, perhaps, one of the most voracious players of the battle royale game.


With his own Twitch channel, Finn often tweets about his Fortnite exploits with his brother and fellow actor, Nick Wolfhard. The duo have become favorites of the gaming scene, chatting with fans during streams and generally being entertaining. They release a new video about once every few days and sometimes pop up on their friends' channels. 

Don't let the brothers' charming antics fool you, though: Finn isn't afraid to go all out. Back in March, he triumphantly tweeted "just pooped on some kids soul" after one-shotting a would-be ambusher. Fans have also noted in other streams that "Finn is scary when he's upset." If you find him in the game, prepare yourself for some serious competition.

Chance the Rapper brought Fortnite to his music

Grammy Award-winning Chance the Rapper is best known for his creative, jazz- and gospel-inspired music. Back in February, he first captured the attention of the gaming community when he tweeted at Nintendo, requesting they release Fortnite on Switch. 


In July, he took to Twitter again, this time putting the game on blast for monetizing their rap-inspired dance emotes, stating, "Imagine the money people are spending on these emotes being shared with the artists that made them." 

Despite his criticism of Epic Games, it's clear that Chance's enthusiasm for Fortnite hasn't diminished. On July 19, 2018, he released the song "65th & Ingelside," referencing the game in the lyrics: "... in case I come running / And skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, grab the gold SCAR."

Following in Drake's footsteps, he joined Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins on his channel for some squad matches, much to the delight of his fans.

Marshmello has become a streamer in his own right

Christopher Comstock, otherwise known as Marshmello, took the world by storm with his quirky style and bass-heavy electronic sound back in 2016. He has since propelled his career forward with some star-studded collaboration. 


It was his surprise collaboration with pro streamer Ninja back in June that brought him to the forefront of the gaming scene. Competing together in Epic's E3 2018 Pro-Am, the dynamic duo smashed the competition, securing first place in the tournament. Taking home one million dollars in prize money, Marshmello donated his share to KIND, an organization that helps refugees and immigrant children.

With the championship under his belt, Marshmello let his gaming flag fly, launching his new series, Mello Cave. He has since released weekly episodes featuring various streaming stars. 

Not one to leave his Fortnite partner in the wind, he joined Ninja for more squading on his channel, leaving him this cheeky comment: "Your trophy looks nice at my house Ninja. Think I might have to keep it. "


Robbie Amell is graceful in victory and defeat

You may recognize Toronto-born Robbie Amell from his portrayal of Firestorm in CW's The Flash. He shares the super spotlight with his cousin, Stephen Amell, who plays the title role in the Arrow series.


As if that weren't cool enough, Robbie revealed his love of Fortnite back in January, sharing a screen cap of his victory on Instagram. The post earned over 35,000 likes and left fans clamoring to play with him (though he declined to share his username.)

In June, Robbie teamed up with Twitch star Lachlan to take on the E3 Fortnite Pro-Am. The pair snuck in some practice on Lachlan's channel before heading to the competition. Though they didn't place in the top ten, Robbie gracefully accepted defeat, tweeting: "Got absolutely smoked. But I had a blast. Never great running into @KingRichard without shields."

Since the competition, Robbie has continued to document his Fortnite escapades on Twitter. He celebrated his first game with kills in the double digits. Then, he tweeted about Ghost Gaming's Kayuun, dubbing him "absolutely filthy" and encouraging fans to check out the budding pro streamer.


Whether he's sharing his victories and defeats, or supporting other players, remains a super-charged addition to the Fortnite community.

Joe Jonas plays with the people

Whether you loved or hated the Jonas Brothers, there's no denying that Joe Jonas has come into his own since going solo in 2011. Between forming his funk-pop band DNCE, getting engaged to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, and joining The Voice Australia as a coach, the star has had a busy few years.


Amidst the shoots and performances, Joe has managed to squeeze in a few game nights. In 2018, he took to Twitter, sharing his Fortnite username and inviting fans to join his team. Several streamers have gushed about playing with him since and Joe is not shy about admitting his identity if you find him in-game.

Like Drake and Chance the Rapper, Joe joined Ninja on his channel for some Fortnite team action. The two chatted about the pro gamer's childhood and the origin of his alias, finishing tenth in their match. 

Jonas continues to share his Fortnite adventures on social media, including an amusing reference on his Instagram page.

Liam McIntyre has a watertight plan

Hold on to your butts: Spartacus plays Fortnite. That's right, Australian actor Liam McIntyre, aka Spartacus in Vengeance and War of the Damned, is a confirmed Fortnite addict. No stranger to the geeky scene, Liam also plays Weather Wizard on The Flash and even created and Kickstarted his own tabletop game


With a long history of gaming under his belt, Liam first revealed his interest in Fortnite when he joined Epic Games' celebrity lineup for their 2018 Fortnite Pro-Am. Paired with Muselk, Liam bragged about their preparations, calling their game plan "watertight" on Twitter. Muselk responded with a light jab: "Little do they know our plan consists mainly of hiding inside bushes ..."

Though the team didn't make it the finals, Liam continued to pursue Fortnite excellence, sharing his first solo Victory Royale with his fans. The community was quick to congratulate him. Several players responded with their usernames, hoping for a little quality Liam time. 

Bolstered by his success, Liam posted more of his recent sessions on his personal YouTube channel. His handle, BringerOfRain1, earned him some extra points with Spartacus fans.


Josh Hart is the best Fortnite player -- and also a zero

Lakers fans rejoice: small forward and shooting guard Josh Hart is a devoted Fortnite fan. He revealed his true colors back in February with his Fortnite-themed Nike Kobe A.D., custom-made by the infamous Kickstradomis. 


During an interview with Dan Patrick, Josh told the host that he and Larry Nance Jr. once ran "like a whole Fortnite squad, for like, ten hours." When Patrick asked the athlete whether he would rather spend time with his girlfriend or Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, he confessed the pro streamer "might be the hotter one out right now."

At the 2018 Fortnite Pro-Am, Josh affirmed his confidence in his abilities, assuring ESPN that he is "definitely the best player in the league." He went on to show off his skills during a live stream with LSK.

Dedicated to his craft, the basketball player launched his own Twitch channel. Keeping the momentum going, he went head-to-head with Twitch star xChocoBars in IGN's Streamer Showdown, where on a scale of one to great, he admitted he was a "zero."


Jordyn Jones just loves to play

Dancer turned singer, actress, and model, Jordyn Jones has performed on stages such as the MTV Video Music Awards and Dancing With the Stars. These appearances, mixed with her emerging music career, propelled her to YouTube star status, and, with millions of social media followers, the 18-year-old's star continues to rise.


In June, Jordyn teamed up with Turkish Fortnite pro streamer Orkun for the Fortnite E3 Pro-Am. After the announcement of her participation met with resistance before the event, Jordyn told the "haters" on Twitter she'd "been playing Fortnite since Season 2."

In fact, the performer's love of the game has been well-documented on social media. In February 2018, she tweeted about wanting to play Fortnite instead of finishing housework; later in the month, she joined Toxic for some duos. 

She also posted about her Fortnite fancy on Instagram, bemoaning a week without the game while on vacation. Later, she shared a 17-minute game session on Instagram Live. 

Though she didn't place in the top ten during Celebrity Pro-Am, Jordyn continues to feed her Fortnite obsession. Sometimes, you can even catch her streaming live over on her Twitch channel.


Madilyn Bailey is a big nerdy gamer

Wisconsin-born Madilyn Bailey got her start covering popular songs on YouTube. Her videos drew millions of views, prompting her to move to California in 2013 to continue developing her career. She has since earned international acclaim with the release of a full cover album and her original EP, Wiser


Madilyn's Fortnite obsession has grown alongside her expanding music career. During an interview with Fuse, Madilyn self-identified as a "big nerdy gamer." She then revealed she had been playing Epic's battle royale opus, saying, "You have to play the edge of the map."

In May, Epic Games announced her scheduled participation in the Celebrity Pro-Am, prompting a tweet from the singer about "dreaming of Fortnite victories." Madilyn joined her Pro-Am partner, NoahJ456, for some tournament practice, streaming it live. The video led to an outburst of support for both players. Since the event itself, Madilyn has continued to play Fortnite, streaming weekly on her Twitch channel. She also shares her music sessions, inviting viewers to make cover requests.


Demetrious Johnson is a pro in and out of the arena

If ever there was a unicorn, it's Demetrious Johnson. The first UFC Flyweight Champion, he holds multiple records, including most consecutive title defenses, the most takedowns, and over ten takedowns in three different fights. ESPN and Sherdog have named him the greatest mixed martial artist in the world, praising his quick strikes and agility.


Johnson is also a notorious Fortnite player, racking up frequent victory royales. The game features heavily among the almost 400 videos on his Twitch channel, with new streams popping up weekly, sometimes even daily, for those who can't get enough of the fighter. 

Johnson's Twitch channel is one component of his gaming brand, Mighty Gaming. In January 2018, he teased his Instagram followers with the release of Mighty Gaming swag. His accompanying YouTube channel has reached 60,000 subscribers as of November 2018. He's uploaded a variety of videos there, including duos with fellow mixed martial artist Sean O'Malley, dubbed The Mighty Sugar Show.

In June 2018, Johnson teamed up with French Fortnite player Gotaga for the E3 Celebrity Pro-Am. Though they didn't place in the top ten, Johnson shared an animation of himself dancing on Instagram, stating, "Awesome Fortnite tournament, happy to be a part of it."


Since the tournament, Johnson has continued developing his Fortnite skills through his own livestreams and appearances on other channels, such as Inverse's Squad Up: Fortnite Talk Show.

Paul George plays in style

You likely know California-born Paul George as the small forward for Oklahoma City Thunder. Averaging 22.6 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 4.5 assists per game, George has been making waves, with fellow team mate Dennis Schroder dubbing him a "superstar in this league."


Basketball is not George's only game, however. A regular Fortnite player, he joined pro streamer LSK on his channel for a gaming session in February 2018, drawing over 31,000 likes from fans. 

In June 2018, he was part of another dynamic duo, teaming up with Myth for the Fortnite E3 Celebrity Pro-Am. Debuting a new pair of Nike sneakers at the event, people went wild, declaring them "Fortnite shoes," a name that has stuck despite the shoes having no clear connection to the game. George also made time for fans attending the tournament, even flossing with a lucky lad henceforth known as the "Backpack Kid."

Jordan Fisher wants to help his fellow players succeed

Jordan Fisher is what the performance industry calls a "triple threat." An accomplished dancer, singer, and actor, he's released his own EP album, appeared on several TV shows, and performed on Broadway in the hit show Hamilton. In 2017, he even won the 25th season of Dancing With The Stars alongside partner Lindsay Arnold. 


When it comes to the stage, Fisher's got the moves, but that's not his only area of expertise. With his own channel, Fisher is an official Twitch partner. His game of choice? Fortnite.

In June 2018, Fisher claimed his place as a formidable player in the Fortnite E3 Pro-Am, placing 4th in the tournament alongside streamer StoneMountain64. Like the rest of the top ten, he donated his $50,000 cut of the prize money to charity. He has since joined other players on their channels, including two sessions with TimTheTatman. 

Fisher loves to play with his fans, and has shared his username on Twitter, inviting followers to join his squad. In November 2018, he joined with pro streamers Trevor May and Marcel, telling unsigned Fortnite pros to hit them up for brand advice. Talented and a team player, Fisher has proven to be an asset of the esports community.