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You Can Now Food Fight In Fortnite

Fortnite: Battle Royale is no stranger to mixed-up modes, but this one really takes the cake. The game's latest update, titled Patch v6.30, brings a bunch of changes to the game, but perhaps the biggest is the addition of a limited-time mode called Food Fight!


Food Fight! will feel right at home for those who like some objectives with their shooting. It's essentially a defense game: players on two teams are tasked with defending a base — in this case, a restaurant — that has a mascot head inside. A team wins when the opposing team's mascot head is destroyed, so fortifying the restaurant will likely be a top priority.

If nothing else, it'll present expert builders in Fortnite with a chance to shine.

Along with Food Fight!, Epic is making some changes to Battle Royale that may or may not be controversial, depending on where you stand. The glider re-deploy feature introduced in an earlier update is now disabled in most modes, and will only be turned on for big-team game modes like Soaring 50s and Disco Domination.


Epic is also apparently changing the default gamepad configuration from Combat Pro to Builder Pro. So it seems those on console or those playing on PC with a controller will have to re-learn some controls, which is sort of a strange move to make in a game that's been out for quite some time.

And finally, Epic is implementing a mode called "Pop-Up Cup" to help test limited-time game modes in a tournament-type format. The first mode up is called Scavenger, a game type that limits the amount of materials a player can carry at any given time. Players who eliminate opponents will also gain health in the Scavenger mode. Epic has stated in the past that it wants to look hard at material limits in order to reduce building and encourage shootouts, so keep a close eye on this one.

Fortnite's Patch v.6.30 is available now.