Batman: Arkham Collection Now On Sale For Some Reason

Do you like superhero games? What about games from really good developers? Fortunately for you, Rocksteady got its hands on the Batman franchise over the past few years and blessed us with three games, and those games are now available in one nice, neat package. It's called Batman: Arkham Collection, and it's available right now for $60.


That's a great deal, right? Three outstanding Batman games with all the DLC included. How is that not worth the price of one retail game? Well, here's the thing. All three of those games were just on sale separately on Black Friday and the weekend that followed it.

Batman: Return to Arkham is a collection that already exists and includes remasters of both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. That collection — with two games, mind you — was on sale for $5.

And then there's the third game in the trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight. That was on sale for $10. So if you had purchased Return to Arkham and Arkham Knight separately, you would've nabbed all three games in the series for a mere $15.


But that's Black Friday. That's a special occasion. And now there's this new Arkham Collection, which is better, right? Well, not really. You can still purchase Return to Arkham and Arkham Knight separately for $20 each. Return to Arkham already includes all the DLC from the first two games. Arkham Knight doesn't include DLC, but you can purchase the season pass for it that'll get you pretty much everything. And guess what? It's twenty bucks.

Add all that up, and you arrive at the same price as Arkham Collection. There's really nothing to be gained by purchasing the entire package at once.

So sure, there's a Batman: Arkham Collection available today that you can buy if you're itching to play some of the best Batman games ever made. But what you should do instead is buy Batman: Return to Arkham and play through those games first. Chances are, Batman: Arkham Knight will go on sale again before you know it, and you'll save some dough you can use to buy other games.