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The Stanley Parable Coming To Console In 2019

Here's an announcement that was unexpected, and it actually came before the Game Awards show even started. The Stanley Parable is coming to console in 2019, adding new content in the way of paths, endings, and voice work from the dreaded Narrator.


The Stanely Parable's website explains the decision a bit more, and does it in a more hilarious way than we ever could.

"When The Stanley Parable came out, a lot of people asked us for more endings and more content," the site says. "We told them it didn't need more content, that it was fine just the way it was, that it already had the perfect number of endings. What a sorry sack of lies that was."

The site goes on to explain exactly what the updated version of The Stanley Parable will be packing.

"Ultra Deluxe will contain the entire Stanley Parable, exactly as you originally played it (well, maybe one or two tweaks here and there). However we are adding a whole bunch of new content on top of it, interwoven with the content from the original game. Some of it is entirely new endings, some of it is content interspersed between the endings. All in all, the new script is shaping up to be roughly half the length of the script from the original game."


We're pretty big fans of The Stanley Parable here. For instance, we highlighted it as one of the games few people have seen all the endings for. And we also named it as one of Steam's hidden gems. It's great that those on console will finally get a chance to experience it for themselves.

Which console, though? That's the great unknown of this announcement. According to the Stanley Parable team, they "haven't finalized which consoles specifically," but state that they're talking to all platform holders. So regardless of whether you play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch, there's a chance you could see The Stanley Parable on your console of choice sometime next year.

There's no word on a specific release date or price yet. But we'll keep you in the loop and let you know as soon as we hear more.