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Warframe's New Fortuna Expansion Hits PS4 And Xbox One

The wait is over for Warframe players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game's next expansion, Fortuna, officially releases today on those two platforms, with the Nintendo Switch version coming soon. And like Warframe itself, the expansion is totally free.


"The new open-world landscape is a portal to a fantastic environment chock full of new gameplay, activities, and space ninja adventure," developer Digital Extremes said in a statement. "Whether Tenno are dashing across the frozen tundra on the Bondi K-Drive Hoverboard to explore caves, mountains, or mushroom forests, conserving rare local animals from extinction, fighting battles against spider-like Raknoids, or facing off with the greedy Corpus faction, Fortuna is available today for free."

According to the Warframe website, players are getting a pretty big content drop in the Fortuna expansion. The city of Fortuna is, according to the site, "A neon slum beneath the snow." Orb Vallis, located on Venus, is a gorgeous snow-covered locale being slowly destroyed by the Corpus. The K-Drive Hoverboards mentioned above provide a new means for players to traverse Warframe's world. Kitguns promise to outfit your character with a whole host of new weapons. And you can craft in-world companions, called MOAs, which can collect loot on your behalf and, in some cases, aid in combat.


As you might expect, there'll be plenty of new ways to progress your character and the story, as well. Corpus bases can be captured, which will unlock new bounties for you to complete. A massive network of underground caves await underneath Orb Vallis, offering new areas for you and your crew to explore. And then there are the Raknoids. If you hate spiders, you're probably going to hate Raknoids, which look like mech spiders that can't be simply stomped out or crushed with a newspaper. The worst kind of spider.

We're still awaiting word on when exactly Fortuna will arrive on Nintendo Switch, but "soon" seems to suggest that the expansion could arrive on Nintendo's machine before the end of the year. Now all we need is cross-platform play and cross-progression, and Warframe will have us installing the game on every platform.

Fortuna released on PC last month.