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The PlayStation Store Is Having Yet Another Sale

Sony is apparently not done having holiday sales just yet. A brand new sale is live today in the PlayStation Store, and features discounts on some of the PlayStation 4's less-talked-about exclusives — the games that might have passed you by while you waited for God of War and Spider-Man.


Let's dig into some of the PS4 exclusives you'll find at surprisingly low prices.

Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain make their way to the PS4 by way of ports, but they're still worth checking out for $12 each if you like story-driven games.

Bloodborne was quite possibly the best game on the PlayStation 4 until this year's God of War, and can be had for a mere $7. 

Both Gravity Rush games are available: Gravity Rush Remastered for $9 and Gravity Rush 2 for $12. They're fun, though a fair bit of warning: Gravity Rush 2's online features have been shut down because the game sold terribly.

The Last Guardian, which began development the year the first iPhone came out and took until 2016 to release, is $11. 


The Last of Us: Left Behind is a standalone way to play the first game's DLC for a cheap price: $4.

The Order: 1886 will cost you one dollar an hour for all of the playtime you'll get from it. That's a joke. But the game is $3 and worth a playthough.

inFAMOUS: Second Son is a decent enough action-adventure game for $10, and was made by the team currently working on Ghost of Tsushima.

Shadow of the Colossus is an impressive remake of the PlayStation 2 classic and should absolutely be on your list for $14.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was the planned DLC for Uncharted 4 that eventually spun out into its own game. You can pick that up for $8.

And finally, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was one of the first PSVR games that did the platform justice. Right now, it's selling for just $4.49.

According to Sony, its Holiday Sale is scheduled to wrap up on Dec. 18 at 8 a.m. PT. That means you have about a week to jump on these deals before they're gone, so if your PS4 is all out of things to play and a massive winter storm is staring you in the face, why not grab a few?