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PS4 Pro Is Getting A Kingdom Hearts 3 Bundle Next Month

If you're eagerly anticipating Kingdom Hearts 3 as much as everyone else, you might want to know about this PlayStation 4 Pro bundle, which is set to launch day and date with KH3.

The official PlayStation Blog is reporting that a limited edition Kingdom Hearts 3 model of the PlayStation 4 Pro will go on sale Jan. 29, the same day as Kingdom Hearts 3's release. As far as internals go, there's not much different with the system, so you can expect to find the same 1TB hard drive used in all other Pro models. The outer shell of the system, though, is what you'll really care about. It's etched with Kingdom Hearts-related graphics, which you'll find on the console's roof, on the front side's bottom lip, and on the DualShock 4's front plate.


And if you're someone who loves Kingdom Hearts enough to buy physical copies of the games, we have some good news for you there, too. Sony is opting to include Kingdom Hearts 3 on Blu-Ray, rather than packaging a digital code with its limited edition PS4 Pro. That's good news, as Kingdom Hearts 3 could very well be a huge download.

And finally, the price. This is perhaps the biggest selling point of this limited edition PS4 Pro. Because you're not just getting a console decked out in Kingdom Hearts art — you're getting a console selling at the same price it usually does, with cool art and an included game. The Kingdom Hearts edition of the PlayStation 4 Pro will be available for $399.99, which is what you'd normally find the base PS4 Pro at without extras. So if you've been thinking about upgrading that older PS4 or PS4 Slim and you're going to buy Kingdom Hearts 3 anyway, next month might be the time to pull the trigger.


The Kingdom Hearts 3 PlayStation 4 Pro bundle goes on sale Jan. 29, 2019.