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The Most Epic Fails In Fortnite

With the meteoric success that Fortnite has seen in recent years, it's no wonder that numerous videos of incredible wins have popped up all over YouTube. Strategies for achieving victory, unreal winning streaks, and moments of sheer dumb luck have been dominating YouTube since the game was first released. But with the endless parade of those willing to show off their prowess in the world of the battle royale, there are also those people who have failed in the most epic ways possible.

Whether these gamers are embracing their fail and sharing it with the world, or if their gameplay was clipped by someone else and uploaded without their knowledge, these less-than-winning videos are often more enjoyable to watch than the expert Fortnite players. Especially when it is the expert Fortnite players. With everything from accidental suicide to instant karma, here are some of the most epic fails in Fortnite.

Karma can be rough... especially when ziplines are involved

Gamer SoCloseToToast learned pretty quickly that fate can be a fickle mistress. But he also showed that he could be a good sport about it by uploading the video of his life lesson. While streaming Fortnite, SoCloseToToast pulled off an impressive ranged kill. As anyone celebrating a victory might do, he laughed at his victim's poor luck, looking very satisfied with himself and his ability to dominate in the arena.

But as many already know, and SoCloseToToast was about to learn, karma isn't one to be trifled with. Getting on a zipline to speed away to a nearby structure after his kill, SoCloseToToast continued to laugh at his victim, before jumping off of the zipline in an attempt to land on the roof. Apparently, he thought that he couldn't take fall damage when exiting a zipline. Unfortunately for him, he was wrong. Dying the second he hit the roof, SoCloseToToast simply nodded his head in silence with a look of resignation on his face, accepting his fate and newfound humility. Maybe next time he'll think twice about mocking the gamer he just killed.

Ninja "doesn't want to talk about" his unfortunate landing

In the gaming community, there is one name that is synonymous with Fortnite, and that name is Ninja. Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has made his fortune by being arguably the best Fortnite player there is. Whether you're a fan or not, it's impossible to deny that his ability to dominate on the battlefield is a thing of beauty. With so much time dedicated to playing the game though, it's inevitable that fails will pop up from time to time. After all, even as the best Fortnite player, it's impossible to be flawless.

One such incident occurred when Ninja was busy constructing a tower during a Fortnite match. His structure was growing higher and higher so that he could utilize a bounce pad he'd placed below. The maneuver he was attempting to pull off was relatively simple, but when you play a game long enough, it's easy to become careless.

Jumping from the top of his newly created tower, Ninja narrowly missed the bounce pad waiting below and died the second he hit the platform. To the echoing sound of laughter in his headset, Ninja adamantly repeats, "I don't want to talk about it ... ever." Apparently you can't win them all.

The "stairway to heaven" is a good strategy, until you die

With the immense popularity Fortnite has gained, it's no wonder that the internet is inundated with strategies and suggestions for winning the battle royale. One common strategy is known amongst players as the "stairway to heaven". Players will build ramps as high as they'll go above the battlefield before then expanding their platforms through the sky above the fighting where they can't be shot.

This strategy is often successful and seems to be straightforward enough to be foolproof, but there are always ways for something to go wrong. When gamer Arsic was attempting to execute the perfect stairway to heaven, things seemed to be going pretty well for him. The match was down to two players standing, and the eye of the storm had shrunk down to the size of a single person. Finding the right time to strike, Arsic jumped from the platform he'd built and glided down to where his victim awaited. But despite all of the effort that went into creating this elaborate winning strategy, Arsic was almost immediately gunned down by his would-be victim, leaving him with second place for all of his trouble.

Summit1g should check his surroundings

Dancing over the corpses of your fallen enemies is one of the perks of Fortnite. And while that may sound disturbing in any context other than a video game, in the Fortnite community, it's perfectly acceptable. The game has even been credited for creating many new dance moves specifically for this purpose. But when executing those perfect moves in game, it's best to make sure you're in a safe place before cutting the rug to avoid being killed while having a good time.

Well-known Twitch streamer Summit1g was playing Fortnite one day and conversing with his viewers. Entering a nearby house, he called out to a friend he had been playing with, thinking he'd seen them in the house. With the security of having a friend nearby, Summit let down his guard and began dancing, talking to the other player in the room in a nonchalant way. Of course, Summit realized that the player in the house wasn't his friend when they popped out from under the staircase and immediately killed him. The shock on his face is priceless. Making it even better is the fact that the player who murdered him immediately began dancing after securing their victory. Irony has never been accused of being kind.

Don't salvage the platform you're standing on

The ability to salvage raw materials and use them to build structures is one of the major elements that sets Fortnite apart from other battle royale games like it. The building aspect is a major draw for players looking for an extra challenge in an already challenging gaming genre. But while the ability to salvage and build is an enticing prospect to players, there's also something to be said for patience and spatial awareness; or perhaps just having a healthy sense of self-preservation.

While streaming Fortnite, player NoNotIt seemed to be in a relatively good position for a victory. They'd found a chest to loot and had landed on top of a tall tower that was simply waiting to be salvaged for extra wood. Taking the contents of the chest, NoNotIt began to hack away at the structure they were standing on, collecting wood and stockpiling their reserve. The only problem was that they weren't paying close enough attention to where exactly they were getting the wood from. Destroying the structure, it was a bit too late to stop the inevitable when NoNotIt accidentally chopped up the platform they were standing on, sending them plummeting several stories to their death. The thought was good, but the execution didn't quite live up to expectations.

No one likes a camper

Among the types of annoying gamers in the world, the camper may be among the worst. Whether that person is camping out a rare resource on an NPC who spawns infrequently, or they're camping a fellow player, waiting to kill them from a strategic position, they often frustrate gamers the world over. YouTube user Jay 207 at least seemed to be aware of the taboo of camping when they uploaded a video of themselves playing Fortnite and doing just that.

Waiting patiently outside of a tall structure in the game, Jay 207 keeps their weapon trained on the building's entrance, knowing that another player will soon need to leave through that particular door. While preparing to take their opponent down when they least expect it, however, Jay 207 received a swift and final bit of karma. Another player, unseen by our antagonist, throws a clinger grenade that immediately kills him and ends his reign of camping terror. In the description of his video Jay 207 states that he'll never camp again. Hopefully this bit of embarrassment taught him a valuable lesson that will prevent any future camping attempts.

You might get killed while gloating

As bad as campers in games are, gloaters may be just as obnoxious. The only reprieve from having a fellow gamer kill you and then boast about it may be the fact that they're likely to celebrate a bit too early and end up getting themselves killed in the process. This seems to happen all too often.

This was the case for gamer Meakiai, who ended up not only celebrating his victory much too soon, but also unwittingly created a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. After managing to shoot an opponent from a ways away, Meakiai decided to commemorate his victory by placing a chalk outline on the ground, letting everyone know that that particular spot was where his victim found their final resting place. But while celebrating his skills, Meakiai decided to create yet another chalk outline on the ground, empty and waiting for another fresh corpse to fill it. He probably didn't count on the fact that his avatar would be the corpse that would satisfy the empty chalk outline, as almost immediately after creating it, he was killed by an unseen opponent. Celebrating too early seems to always lead to an untimely demise, and apparently an empty chalk outline with no dead body to fill it is some sort of bad luck. Take note for your next battle royale.

TSM Myth knows that everybody dies

There are a few standout players who come to mind when thinking about Fortnite, and Myth is no exception. The gamer, who is often told that he looks like one of the Fortnite default skins in real life, has made a name for himself by dominating the arena. Viewers and fans tune into his channel not only to witness his skill on the battlefield, but also to enjoy his colorful commentary and wit.

While playing an otherwise typical round of Fortnite, Myth decided to launch into a bit reminiscent of an Animal Planet documentary. Sneaking up behind his unsuspecting prey, he doesn't kill the seemingly oblivious player right away. Instead, he decides to have some fun with the situation. Staying out of the player's eyeline, Myth tells his viewers that eventually, everybody dies. It's just nature. While expounding on these thoughts he begins to close in on his kill. But without warning, the opponent turns around and kills Myth, as if he'd known about his presence the entire time. This moment landed Myth with the title of runner-up, but also solidified his place on the eternal list of fails. In the end, Myth was still able to teach his viewers about the circle of life and death; he just ended up being the example.

Grenades bounce back

You don't need to be an expert strategist or a real-life soldier in order to play one in a game. In fact, the skill set required to dominate in Fortnite doesn't have much to do with real-world experience. But even with that in mind, there is some common knowledge that will make taking home a victory a bit easier. Physics, for example, is still relatively important in a game about fighting. If you throw something at a wall, it will bounce back at you. This is an important lesson to learn, and one that gamer Zazaberat had to learn the hard way.

Doing relatively well in the ranks of the battle he was in, things seemed to be going pretty well for Zazaberat. That is, until he decided to change his plan of attack to something a bit more ranged and unpredictable. Approaching a house, Zazaberat began launching grenades at the structure, managing to get many inside of the house through the windows and garage. But one of his shots proved unfortunate when the grenade bounced back towards him. Zazaberat saw the threat and immediately began his retreat, though he wasn't quite fast enough to escape the repercussions of his mistake. Instead he was blown to pieces right outside of the house he had just been attacking. It's the thought that counts though, right?

TimTheTatMan doesn't quite stick the landing

TimTheTatMan is known for his prowess on the battlefield in Fortnite, but he also possesses another skill his viewers may be less familiar with: in-game quad stunts. During one particular match in Fortnite, Tim was seen having a good time with his fellow gamers who had built a large and intricate structure. Rather than focusing on the veritable Hunger Games happening all around them, he decided to show off his vehicular skills to the nearby spectators.

Tim's first attempt to make it up the ground-level ramp of the tall structure didn't quite work, but with his second attempt and some strategic revving, he was able to accelerate up the wooden incline. After the quad flew off of the ramp and into the air, Tim actually managed to do a full flip while mounted on the vehicle, but the problem happened after his trick was achieved. Much like the physics lesson Zazaberat received, Tim was about to learn the hard way that what goes up must come down. Falling from the quad, Tim took significant fall damage, nearly killing him and incapacitating him to the point that he'd be an easy target for anyone looking for a kill. At least he looked good right before most likely getting himself killed.

With rescue missions, it's the thought that counts

Playing a battle royale game like Fortnite doesn't always mean an all-out bloodbath where friends become enemies and charity is lost. Sometimes, even when your ultimate goal is to kill each other, you're still able to mount an elaborate rescue mission for one of  your fellow competitors, which is exactly what Australian gamer MrMuselk attempted to do. And as he said in this video, "It's moments of friendship like these that really make Fortnite, Fortnite."

MrMuselk was having a normal Fortnite battle when he noticed a player trying to drive a golf cart off the edge of a cliff. In typical Fortnite fashion, he proceeded to kill the other player, but his curiosity got the better of him and he checked the bottom of the cliff. Spotting a stranded player who had fallen from the cliff onto the beach below, MrMuselk made the decision to mount a rescue mission. First attempting to build enough spiral staircases to reach the stranded avatar, he soon found that the player had fallen below the build limit. Moving on to plan B, MrMuselk drove the golf cart off of the cliff to attempt to bounce the player back up, but in the process, he actually killed the player by ramming them into the ocean. At least his intentions were virtuous, even if the execution proved to be fatal ... and failed.

DrDisRespect blows himself up

Most people in the Fortnite gaming community know the name DrDisRespect. His loud and boisterous facade has earned him a huge fan following. Viewers tune in to watch him play as a cocky egomaniac who also happens to excel at his art. The mustache, wig, and sunglasses he wears only add to the persona he's adopted and perfected over the years. With his particularly loud and aggressive style of playing, watching him own the battlefield is a unique form of entertainment.

But while he's beloved by many fans, that doesn't make him immune to failing at his craft. During one match, DrDisRespect was attempting to eliminate his foes using a rocket launcher. His fellow gamers built up their defenses while he took the offensive to secure their position. His first few rockets were successful but after a long reload, he shot another right into his own fortification, leaving him with no escape and an instant death. Rather than flying off the handle and shouting, as his viewers might have expected, he simply sat there in stunned silence, looking at his screen and processing what he'd just done. At least he knows he's in good company with some of the other skilled players on this list.