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Serious Sam Collection Could Be Coming To PS4, Xbox One

Remember the Serious Sam franchise? Odds are, you probably haven't interacted with it since The Serious Sam Collection hit Xbox 360 in 2013. We have some good news if you found yourself enjoying Sam Stone and his first-person-shooting antics: The Serious Sam Collection just got rated for PS4 and Xbox One.


According to Gematsu, the ESRB has been taking a good, hard look at The Serious Sam Collection and all of the games contained within it. And if you have any familiarity at all with the series — or if you read the ESRB's description for the collection — you won't be entirely shocked to learn that it's getting an M rating for Mature.

In fact, it looks like it's going to be a slow news day. Let's step through some of what the ESRB took issue with.

"This is a collection of first-person shooters in which players battle aliens and monsters in frenetic combat," starts the description. That sounds innocent enough. You could slap that exact description on Halo or Destiny and nothing would seem out of place.


"Players use pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and sledgehammers to kill numerous creatures." Again, nothing too offensive here, at least in the world of video games.

"Large blood-splatter effects occur during combat. Enemies are sometimes shown blowing themselves up into bursts of limbs and blood." Okay, now we're heading into M territory. Not because you're killing things with guns, or because your enemies are blowing up. Because of the blood. For some reason, the ESRB starts tossing mature ratings out left and right when it sees blood.

"One character briefly references drugs in the dialogue (e.g., 'I'm supposed to be doin' blow off a stripper's a*s right now.')" Whoa, okay. The rating suddenly makes a lot more sense now.

The Serious Sam Collection hasn't been officially announced yet for PS4 or Xbox One, though judging by the ESRB rating, we feel pretty confident in saying that an announcement is just around the bend. Hopefully, for Sam's sake, he doesn't get lost in 2019's unusually crowded spring.