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Hyperkin Is Making A Modern Day NES Light Gun

Your old-school NES Zapper doesn't work with today's HDTVs, but fortunately, accessory maker Hyperkin has something in the works that will.

According to Nintendo Life, Hyperkin plans to release a light gun called the Hyper Blaster HD for NES. And, believe it or not, this isn't something that Hyperkin is putting together for the NES app on the Nintendo Switch. The gun is meant to work with the original Nintendo Entertainment System, so if you can find a way to hook that thing up to your modern television, you'll soon have a gun that can play Duck Hunt as God intended.


And while that's all fine and cool, we really hope that the Hyper Blaster HD can someday work with the Switch. Call us crazy, but there's a perfectly good way to play NES games on our HDTVs now that doesn't involve blowing into a cartridge repeatedly, even though we know that doesn't actually do anything.

All Nintendo needs to do is put Duck Hunt in the Switch NES app and chat with Hyperkin about making light gun support happen. Please make it happen.

That's not all that Hyperkin is cooking up, by the way. The company is also dipping further into the retro hobbyist scene by selling a do-it-yourself product for fans of the SNES. The RetroN DIY for SNES is a throwback system you can build — solder-free — that works with actual SNES cartridges. And Hyperkin also plans to release something called the RetroN S64, which is a Nintendo Switch dock that will presumably draw some inspiration from the Nintendo 64.


Let's just hope the latter doesn't brick Nintendo Switch consoles. That's been an issue with third-party docks in the past.

More news about the Hyper Blaster HD and Hyperkin's other products will arrive later this week when the company officially unveils its goods at CES 2019. Until then, stay tuned.