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Where To Find Gavin In 'Red Dead Redemption 2'

The campaign and various side missions in Red Dead Redemption 2 will take you all over, crossing several state lines into many cities and small towns. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to solve some of the world's many mysteries. But there's still one question that, up to this point, remains unanswered.


Where is Gavin?

During the many hours you'll sink into Red Dead Redemption 2, you'll likely cross paths with an Englishman named Nigel, wandering from place to place in a dapper-looking suit whilst frantically shouting for his lost friend, Gavin. You can find him outside of Rhodes, sticking out like a sore thumb as he treks the dirt trail on his search. You might stumble upon him as he looks through the tree-covered mountains outside Annesburg. You could even bump into him as he paces the streets of Saint Denis, scanning each and every face, hoping to find Gavin.

Where you encounter Nigel matters not, because the story remains the same. Gavin is still missing, and Nigel is still searching. And unfortunately, it seems that no player has been able to find Gavin either, despite Red Dead Redemption 2 having been out for many months. Nigel may be searching for Gavin until the day he dies — and there's good evidence to suggest he'll do just that.


Now here's a question. Who is Gavin, exactly? Nigel claims him to be a friend. But is he? Or is there more to it?

Nigel is clearly a transplant in the Old West, having come overseas from England. That much we have nailed down. But how he and Gavin, who also hails from the same place as Nigel, wound up there isn't spelled out. We think some of Nigel's lines — which slip out as he begs for help — might offer some clues as to what's really going on.

"I'm looking for Gavin," Nigel will state as he walks outside Rhodes. "He's my best friend." Nigel continues. "He left me... I lost him, I mean. I lost him."

When you happen upon Nigel in the forests outside Annesburg, you'll hear a few more lines.

"Gavin! I'm sorry!" he says. "I need Gavin!" Should you come closer, he'll request your help, and go into a little more detail. "English bloke. Lovely fellow. He went missing, and uh... now I'm all alone."

Much later on, you'll again find Nigel searching for Gavin. This time in Saint Denis. When Nigel tells you that he's still looking, Arthur offers up a possible explanation — maybe Gavin took off.

"No... no," Nigel replies. "We were best mates. I mean, really, best mates. He'd never leave me. Never."


Finally, many years later (while playing as John Marston), you have the potential to once again meet up with Nigel as he stumbles disheveled through Blackwater. When asked how long Gavin has been missing, Nigel will — in a somewhat deranged state — provide an answer.

"Ah... yeah, few years," he says. "Few bloody years. I can't, um, I can't remember what he looks like. I'm looking for him, but I don't know who he is."

Some players have taken to killing Nigel just to shut him up — apparently the constant shouts of "Gavin" get old. Others have hog-tied him, robbed him, and continued on their way. In either case, searching Nigel will reveal a letter that Nigel received from another friend, Tom, who is presumably back home in England.

The letter shines a bit more light on what Nigel has been up to, at least. In the letters he's been sending home to Tom, Nigel boasts of the rich life that he and Gavin are living in America now — one with mansions and servants. This doesn't appear to be the case, of course, and Tom even casts some doubt, stating, "Gavin never mentioned none of this in his letter." Still, Tom seems to believe Nigel's story and lets him know that everyone is proud.


But the letter ends with an extremely interesting note. "P.S.," it says. "I saw that bloke Brian Gold the other day, in the market. He said some real odd things about you, which I said weren't true. Bet he's laughing on the other side of his face now..."

And with all of that, the mystery remains unsolved. Reading between the lines, one might assume there is more to the relationship between Nigel and Gavin than meets the eye. They could have secretly been partners — something that would've undoubtedly been frowned upon in those days, and would explain the "real odd things" remark in the letter. Gavin could've potentially been lost making the trip overseas, and that loss could be something Nigel is having a very hard time coping with. Nigel could've even killed Gavin himself, failing to fully wrap his mind around what he's done.

Whatever the case, one thing is certain at this moment in time. We have no idea where Gavin is. And we may never figure it out.