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Fortnite's Earthquakes Are Now Creating Cracks

The world of Fortnite has been experiencing earthquakes for several weeks now, but up to this point, those quakes haven't had a noticeable impact. That's starting to change.

Cracks are appearing all over Fortnite's map, splitting the ground approximately every 12 hours, according to Eurogamer. The fissures are appearing in real time for whoever happens to be standing by one, which has led to some pretty amazing video clips. And like the many other world events that have occurred inside Epic Games' battle royale shooter, no one has any idea what these earthquakes will ultimately bring.


The one thing you can be confident in is that we'll likely get the answer to this riddle either around or on the start of Fortnite's Season 8, which arrives at the end of the month.

This isn't the first time Fortnite's map has undergone a bit of change. You might recall the blizzard that very recently thawed out, which had previously covered the world in a blanket of snow. And if you go way back, you might remember that time a giant meteor crashed into Fortnite's island, leveling a section of the map in the process. You can almost always count on a world-changing event coming to Fortnite at least once per season, and in most cases, the game drops a couple of hints before the game transitions from one season to the next.


It's possible some kind of new AI-controlled enemy could come pouring out of these cracks. It's also possible the cracks could widen significantly, giving players another obstacle to contend with as they battle time, distance, and each other in order to survive. Or these cracks could shake Fortnite up in a way that no one's been able to predict just yet. No one but the team at Epic knows for sure, and by the time the rest of us find out, we'll have been through another week or two of earthquakes.

We'll let you know if anything outrageous occurs in the meantime.