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Here Is What's Coming In Anthem's Day One Patch

Anthem is out for some people — a fact we've already covered in great detail — but for many, Feb 22. is the official launch date. And you may have noticed that reviews have been scarce for this game. Why is that? It's because a massive patch is set for the official "day one" launch. And that patch will fix a lot of issues within Anthem.


Before you get to jump into Anthem this Friday, you'll have to download an update to apply fixes for the game, because, as it turns out, problems exist in Anthem's early release across the board, whether they effect the user interface or the game's Stronghold end-game content. You can find a more detailed list here, thanks to Redditor devindotcom. But below, we'll hit on some of the bigger issues the game is facing.

Much like Anthem's private VIP demo, loading times are a major concern right now — particularly those that never end. That'll get patched up. It seems challenges in the game area also not tracking the way they should be. Crashes have become a semi-regular occurrence for some players. Unlocking an additional Javelin after your first can freeze the game. Enemy snipers are able to penetrate the Storm Shield. Beating the final boss in a Stronghold would cause a server crash. The UI would sometimes show players that they had an ultimate when they actually didn't.


All of these problems — and so many more — will get the patch treatment before Anthem is available to the world at large. Looking at the small sample of issues above, you can see why some outlets have decided to sit on their reviews until the full retail release takes place and the patch drops. It appears that Anthem will be a different (and hopefully less buggy) game once the update is complete.

Anthem launches for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on Friday, Feb. 22. You can play early, of course, if you subscribe to EA or Origin Access. But judging by the state the game is currently in, you might want to wait.