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GTA 6 Obliterated MrBeast's Record

"Grand Theft Auto 6" was finally unveiled this week, and fans are combing through every last bit of the 91-second trailer to pick out all the small details they can find. As it turns out, all of that playing and replaying of the trailer has really added up. Since going live on Monday night, the trailer has racked up well over 100 million views. It seems not even a series of leaks could slow down the hype surrounding Rockstar's latest game. When the trailer was stolen and posted online in a low-quality and watermarked form, the publisher responded by uploading the real deal. The subsequent rush to watch the trailer on YouTube has obliterated a record previously held by MrBeast: the most views racked up by a non-music video on YouTube within a 24-hour period. 


BTS' music video for "Butter" still holds the record in the music video space, but fans are no less impressed to see how much attention the "GTA 6" trailer is bringing in. Rockstar finally posted the official trailer to X (formerly Twitter) yesterday, but the split between platforms doesn't seem to have hurt the view count on YouTube. And although MrBeast seems fine with his record being surpassed, his fans are already suggesting a way he could team up with Rockstar Games for an even bigger event.

Fans want a MrBeast/GTA collab

Fans of MrBeast and "Grand Theft Auto" have suggested that the YouTuber should cash in on the hype surrounding "GTA 6," with some hoping it could be the way he reclaims his record. Video producer Marques Brownlee posted, "Time to re-enact it shot-for-shot in real life." Honestly, it wouldn't be totally out of the realm of possibility for MrBeast to recreate a hugely popular video like this one. After all, one of MrBeast's most successful videos to date was his recreation of Netflix's "Squid Game." His team could probably pull off a remake of the "Grand Theft Auto 6" trailer with enough time and planning. 


Others are hoping that MrBeast will be able to join the game as a playable character or an NPC. Again, wilder things have happened, and rumor has it that "Grand Theft Auto 6" will feature the voice talents of at least one streamer: Adin Ross claimed to be in the game earlier this week, but didn't provide too many details about his role. 

It remains to be seen if MrBeast and Rockstar will actually team up in the future, but fans of both are enjoying this week's unexpected crossover.