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New Apex Legends Character Octane's Abilities Leaked

Are you struggling to find a main in Apex Legends? If so, it looks like help might be on the way. After a previous leak unveiled some potential new additions to the game's roster, we now have more proof that a new character could be coming to Apex Legends very soon.


A Reddit user named Voeno has shared what appears to be the abilities tip screen for Octane, a new legend that we first heard of back around the middle of the month. According to this leak, Octane will have a passive ability called Swift Mend, a tactical ability called Adrenaline Junkie, and an ultimate called Launch Pad. And just as we guessed previously, Octane and his or her abilities are mostly about movement.

The Swift Mend passive ability will undoubtedly make Octane popular for those who aren't big fans of health kits and syringes. The leaked image states that Octane will gain health back as time passes, and as long as there's no incoming damage, so if you're fresh off eliminating a squad and you're running to your next location, you'll be able to generate some health without having to do anything at all.


The Adrenaline Junkie tactical ability will improve Octane's movement speed, making the character 30% faster for six seconds. Octane will also be "immune to slows while active," which is just weird phrasing, honestly. These are nice perks, but Adrenaline Junkie will ask you to make a sacrifice in exchange. You'll lose 10% of your health when activating the ability — a small price to pay for a burst of speed, especially since Octane can just regenerate that health anyway.

And finally, there's the Launch Pad ultimate. This is something that we can't wait to see in action, as activating it will reportedly cause Octane to throw out a jump pad that the entire squad can use to launch into the sky. How high are we talking? That's something we just don't know yet. Launch Pad is in the ultimate slot, though, so it's likely a worthwhile fling.

The previous leaks for Octane pointed to some sound files found within Apex Legends for a stim pack, which we now believe was the Adrenaline Junkie ability. That same leak also correctly identified the Havoc as a weapon that might be added, and sure enough, it was. When you take that leak with the current one in front of us, it certainly appears that Octane is very much a real character we'll be getting at some point. And remember: that other leak also shed some light on an "Octane Preview" playlist that could show up in Apex Legends sometime next month. Data mined files made it seem as though the playlist would be activated in Week 8 of the game, and if you count eight weeks out from the launch of Apex Legends, that would place the Octane Preview at the end of March or the beginning of April. Which means we could be just a few short weeks away from Octane's official debut.


If we can take what's previously been data mined seriously, there's also more in store for Apex Legends outside of Octane. Another character called Wattson was also pulled out from that information, and a sound file referring to something called a Tesla Trap was reportedly connected to that character. And another weapon was referenced alongside the Havoc, too — the L-STAR EMG, a light machine gun that was once a Titanfall and Titanfall 2 classic.

There's a good chance we could see Octane and the L-STAR EMG when Apex Legends officially rolls out its Battle Pass sometime next month. Word from Respawn Entertainment seems to indicate that the Battle Pass will work much like the one in Fortnite does, with a free tier for those who don't buy in, and a paid tier for those who want to earn more loot and XP. It's not likely that either would wind up in the Battle Pass itself, as Apex Legends already has a special currency dedicated to character unlocks, and weapons are available to all players for the sake of balance. But it seems like the Battle Pass's launch would be as good a time as any to add a bunch of new content, and that could include new legends and guns.

We'll keep you up to speed should we learn more about Octane or any other new content that could hit Apex Legends in the future.