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Red Dead Redemption 2 Star Slams Florida Joker's GTA 6 Complaints

The Florida Joker debate continues as actors associated with previous Rockstar Games projects weigh in. For those who missed it, the first "Grand Theft Auto 6" trailer features a brief shot of a perp with numerous facial tattoos and purple hair, which viewers quickly pointed out as an apparent reference to a real-life viral sensation known as "Florida Joker," a.k.a. Lawrence Sullivan. In the aftermath of the trailer's release, the Florida Joker — who earned his nickname because of his tattoos and dyed hair — has demanded that Rockstar pay him millions of dollars for approximating his likeness in the new "Grand Theft Auto" game. Now, "Red Dead Redemption 2" actor Roger Clark has taken to TikTok to respond to a clip of the Florida Joker saying, "GTA, we gotta talk."


"No, they don't. [Rockstar is] not going to talk to you," says Clark in his own video. "They've had people like you trying to sue them for decades ... They know exactly what they can and can't get away with. If I were you, I would use the notoriety that they just threw your way to my advantage ... You ain't getting a job in Home Depot with that face."


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GTA and Red Dead collide in Florida Joker controversy

Fans have been eating up Roger Clark's TikTok response to the Florida Joker scandal. Several people have referenced Clark's "Red Dead Redemption 2" character in the replies, with one fan quipping, "Imagine being roasted by Arthur Morgan." Many other commenters have quoted a recurring line from Rockstar's award-winning western: "You're a good man, Arthur Morgan." Others took the back-and-forth as an opportunity to crack jokes about the long development time for "GTA 6," with one fan writing, "I'm sorry but we got Arthur Morgan giving advice to Joker before GTA 6." The Florida Joker doesn't seem to have responded to Clark's video, but fans will no doubt keep an eye out to see if he has any retorts.


Meanwhile, Rockstar Games has likewise avoided responding directly to the controversy. However, Roger Clark isn't the only person from one of the developer's projects to weigh in on Lawrence Sullivan's video. Ned Luke, the actor who portrayed co-protagonist Michael De Santa in "Grand Theft Auto 5," also didn't mince words after seeing the Florida Joker's viral TikToks. Replying to a repost of the Florida Joker video on X, Luke wrote, "We had clowns in GTA V. This is nothing new."