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Amazing RE2 Mod Replaces Mr. X With Thomas The Tank Engine

If you thought Mr. X's footsteps were terrifying in Resident Evil 2, just wait until until you hear a chug chug moving through the hallways of the Raccoon City Police Department. That's right — you can now replace Mr. X with Thomas the Tank Engine, courtesy of a brand new PC mod for the Resident Evil 2 remake.


We have to say that, after watching some video of the mod in action, Thomas might actually be scarier than Mr. X. There's something haunting about hearing the little engine shuffling around behind a doorway, letting his whistle toot as he bursts through. And that face! It's meant to be friendly and inviting — Thomas is a children's character, after all. But he is straight up the stuff of nightmares when viewed through a Resident Evil 2 lens.

It's like turning off the lights and watching something totally innocent become instantly creepy. Like those porcelain dolls your parents collect that are definitely watching you when you sleep.

On one hand, it's great to see so many people finding ways to extend the playability of Resident Evil 2 and change the game's experience through mods. There are already some pretty humorous ones that attach DMX's "X Gon' Give It To Ya" to Mr. X so it trails him wherever he roams. On the other hand, though, actually replacing Mr. X with other characters is a development that can only go horribly wrong from here.


If someone swaps Mr. X out for a clown or a giant snake, or worse — those porcelain dolls — we are out.

Resident Evil 2 is having a good run, otherwise. According to GameSpot, the game has now shipped 4 million copies around the globe, which is pretty impressive for a remake. In fact, the remake is coming up fast on the original RE2. If Capcom can ship more units and flip those shipments into sales, the remake could actually surpass the original. Not bad at all.

We'll keep you up to speed should any more Resident Evil 2 news come our way — or should anyone else create another noteworthy mod.