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Control, The Next Game By Remedy, Is Coming This Summer

We've seen plenty of Control thanks to Game Informer's ongoing March coverage of the game, and now we have a specific release window for Remedy's next title. According to the outlet's Elise Favis, we can expect to see Control sometime this summer, though no specific date has been announced just yet.


For fans of Remedy's past work – Max PayneAlan Wake, and Quantum Break — this is outstanding news.

And those who've enjoyed those other titles will feel right at home with Control's third-person camera, oddball abilities and narrative focus. In Control, you'll play the role of a woman named Jesse who, through a bizarre series of events, becomes the director of the Federal Bureau of Control, an agency that seeks to learn about and potentially manipulate supernatural abilities. Jesse herself will have such abilities at her fingertips, as well as a shapeshifting weapon called the Director's Pistol.

You've pointed flashlight beams and handguns at supernatural beings. You've manipulated time itself. Now you'll be throwing furniture at enemies with your mind. It's basically a day in the life of a typical Remedy character.


And how long has it been since a Remedy game has been on a PlayStation console, by the way? Too long. Apparently you have to go all the way back to Max Payne 2 to find one, but fortunately, that'll change with Control. Microsoft had Remedy locked up for quite a while, but Control will 100% be a multi-platform release, so players can look forward to jumping in on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One.

We're certainly excited about this one. The combat is reportedly really good, the powers fun to use, and progression more non-linear than past Remedy games. Control has the look of many past projects from the studio, but it appears Remedy wasn't afraid to try some new things, too. Will Control live up to the high expectations many have for it? That's something we'll have to figure out for ourselves when it arrives this summer.