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The Division 2's Most Annoying Bug Appears To Be Fixed

Since launch, players of The Division 2 have been dealing with a rather unfortunate bug — one that causes skills to stop working for seemingly no reason at all. We can now report that the issue appears (for the most part) to be resolved, thanks to a server update pushed by developer Massive last night.


According to The Division 2's Twitter account, some may still experience some problems with skills, though we haven't seen them ourselves yet. However, a patch coming this week should clean up any other concerns related to how skills are deployed and how they cool down.

Enemies aren't stupid in The Division 2, and skills — like turrets and rolling mines — are an incredibly important tool for staying alive in the game's D.C. setting. But the skills bug presented a real problem, particularly for those who chose to play through The Division 2's campaign missions solo. Without teammates to help keep enemies from flanking, it was difficult to get the jump on the bad guys or thin the herd without using skills. And when those skills weren't acting right (like a turret disappearing almost immediately after you set it), you could get overwhelmed by enemy forces quickly.


We can't tell you how many times we threw down a turret or sent out a drone only to watch it vanish without a trace, leaving us exposed in a lane where we'd hoped to have an extra gun. The bug was particularly frustrating to encounter during fights with heavily shielded, highly aggressive bosses, as we'd watch them charge around a corner, guns blazing, right past an area we'd placed a support skill just seconds before.

The skills bug was by far the biggest present in the game, and as irritating as it was to contend with, that's not too shabby. Anthem launched with a whole host of issues, as did Fallout 76, so it's nice to see a release that isn't falling apart in a dozen other ways. The Division 2 is otherwise a fun experience, and we look forward to finishing up the game's campaign and seeing what the endgame has to offer.