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Apex Legends Will Add One More Character Before The Season Ends

Apex Legends added speedster Octane to its roster the start of its first Battle Pass season. But that may not be the only new character coming to the game, according to PlayStation Europe.

"Two new characters will launch over the course of the season," the Apex Legends page says, "but in the meantime, look out for a new weapon set to launch as the reason progresses."


Oh, a new weapon, too? It appears so.

You may remember a slew of leaks that hit the internet prior to Octane becoming an official part of the Apex Legends universe. Most of those leaks turned out to be accurate, including not just those about Octane, but weapons like the HAVOC that were later added to the game.

Those same leaks uncovered details about another character named Wattson, and some even believed we'd see Octane and Wattson arrive at the same time. As we now know, that wasn't the case. We can't say for certain that the next character added will indeed be Wattson, but considering the fact that no data has been uncovered about any other new Legends, we have to say the odds of seeing Wattson before the season wraps up are pretty good.


And gaining another character in this manner could tell us a bit about how Apex Legends might treat new roster additions in the future. With a season lasting around three months, two new characters per season seems like a pretty good release cadence. It'll help keep things fresh in Apex, keep the meta shifting, and — to be honest — give players something to grind for that is far more interesting than a kill counter or a blue-tinted character skin.

We'll keep an eye out for any news on Wattson — or whatever other characters Apex Legends plans to add during the season. And keep your eyes peeled: we could see that new weapon pop up sometime in the very near future, too.