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April's PlayStation Plus Games: The Surge And Conan Exiles

Surge is more than just an over-caffeinated beverage from the turn of the century. The Surge is a video game — one you'll be getting as part of April's PlayStation Plus offerings, along with Conan Exiles. And that's it. No more PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita games, remember?


Many PlayStation fans will undoubtedly be miffed at Sony, which dropped its legacy lineup after last month. But April's goodies are at least worth checking out if you have a PlayStation 4.

The Surge is a sci-fi RPG developed by Deck 13 Interactive, a team you may be familiar with for one of their other titles – Lords of the Fallen, a Souls-like released back in 2014. You might be tempted to dismiss The Surge, given that it's not a huge game from a monster developer, but most reviews for it hovered right around the 8 mark. IGN gave it a 7.9, saying it "struggles to present a compelling campaign, but delivers a fun new take on a familiar genre." If you aren't still being one-hit killed in Sekiro by the time April rolls around, The Surge could fill your time quite nicely.


And then there's Conan Exiles, made by Funcom (of NBA Hangtime fame — yeah, that long ago). Conan Exiles is a hybrid of sorts, mashing up survival game elements with an action RPG. IGN reviewed this one as well, giving it a 6.7 out of 10 and stating that it "captures the brutality of the source material, but weak combat and grindy crafting make it an often slow and arduous survival game." But hey — some people love games that have a whole lot of grind. If you're one to pop on a podcast and slave away in a video game world, Conan Exiles might have just what you need to keep your hands busy.

You'll be able to download both The Surge and Conan Exiles on April 2.