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A Sekiro Speedrunner Has Already Crushed The Game

If you're like most players of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you're having a rough go of it. The nameless enemy goons are tough. The bosses are tougher. You might feel like you're dozens of hours away from completing the game — and that's if you're able to even reach that point.


Enter Twitch streamer danflesh111, who's come to embarrass us all by running Sekiro from start to finish in less than an hour. Yes, one hour. We've spent more time than that on one boss.

According to PC Gamer, danflesh111's run clocked in at 50 minutes and 52 seconds; an absurdly fast time for a difficult game that is not even a week old. As you can see in the streamer's recorded playthrough, danflesh111 managed to sprint through many areas of the game, skipping out on fights unless they were absolutely necessary. He also blew past cutscenes and other story bits, staying on the move in order to keep his time low.

But when it came time to fight, danflesh111 brought it. He reached Gyoubu Oniwa in about seven minutes, defeating him quickly. At the thirteen minute mark, he'd already made the Blazing Bull look like a chump. And because he was rushing through, danflesh111 was missing many of the upgrades found by venturing off the beaten path. That's seriously impressive.


If nothing else, this sub-hour run is a master class in Sekiro combat. It couldn't have been accomplished had danflesh111 not been highly skilled at blocking, dodging, jumping out of harm's way, and using the Mikiri counter to avoid enemy thrusts. You'll undoubtedly have more tools and abilities at your disposal when you reach the same major bosses, so you can take a look at how danflesh111 managed with just a sword, then sprinkle in a bit of extra help as you need it.

Will this speedy Sekiro run hold up? It's highly doubtful. There's a good chance danflesh111 could improve on his own time, as he endured a few missed jumps and a few deaths that added to the clock. But others will be gunning for his time, too. And as time goes on, players are only going to get better.

We'll be here, ready for our lesson when a new record comes along.