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Destiny 2 Will Address Some Player Complaints In April

Destiny 2 update — tentatively scheduled for April 9 — plans to address numerous player concerns, including complaints about activity rotations and loot RNG.

In a blog post published on the studio's website, Bungie laid out the changes that will arrive with Destiny 2's Update 2.2.1.


To start, many players have been irked by Destiny 2's Nightfall stirke rotation, which appears to have been broken. Rather than shuffle strikes week to week, the Nightfall menu would often keep the same strike lineup for weeks at a time. From the sounds of it, Bungie actually wants to get this fixed before Update 2.2.1, news that will undoubtedly make many guardians very happy.

Ada-1's Black Armory weapon frames have also been a point of contention within the community. Much like the Nightfall strikes, there have been stretches of multiple weeks where certain weapon frames would not show up. Starting with Update 2.2.1, Bungie plans to have Ada-1 offer every weapon frame, eliminating RNG from the equation entirely.


On the loot side of things, players have found that cosmetics from the Dreaming City and the Last Wish raid have been incredibly difficult to obtain. Bungie plans to buff drop rates for most of these items significantly in Update 2.2.1, giving players a better shot at getting the items they're missing. The one item players won't get much help with is the One Thousand Voices fusion rifle from the Last Wish raid. According to Bungie, One Thousand Voices "will continue to be rare amount players," but the studio has "tuned the drop weights to give slightly better chances than what are currently available."

And two more fixes look to make life a little easier for Destiny 2 players. The first gives players an extra two days to complete the previous week's Invitation of the Nine bounty if they still have it. And the second adds two buttons to the Five of Swords Nightfall card to make score setting a bit quicker.

Toward the end of the post, Bungie mentioned that Update 2.2.1 will also usher in something called Arc Week. We're not quite sure what Arc Week will entail just yet, but Bungie plans to elaborate further next week. We'll be there when they do.