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Destiny 2's Arc Week Will Bring Subclass Improvements

Destiny 2's sandbox is getting some pretty big changes for Arc Week, an event that will focus primarily on Arc subclass types inside the game. In a post on the studio's blog, Bungie detailed exactly what those changes will entail.


To start, it seems Arc Week is meant to be as much a celebration of the Arc element type as it is a chance to make some much-needed fixes to some neglected Guardian subclasses. Throughout the week, Destiny 2 will feature Arc Singe (a modifier that makes enemies easier to kill with Arc) throughout the game's activities. The game will also offer Arc Bounties, which will presumably require players to use their Arc abilities to dispatch bad guys and fellow Guardians in the Crucible player-versus-player mode.

Destiny 2 will also give players another shot at obtaining Thunderlord, the Arc-based heavy machine gun that previously showed up after last year's Festival of the Lost event. Unlike Arc Week, the resurrected Thunderlord questline will stick around for an extra week.


The main draw of Arc Week, however, appears to be the sandbox changes Bungie has planned. Some pre-Forsaken subclasses have fallen by the wayside since that expansion launched last fall, and it looks like Bungie is now ready to get them back up to snuff. Titans running Code of the Juggernaut's bottom path can look forward to some improvements, as can Hunters running Way of the Warror's top path and Way of the Wind's bottom path. Both Stormcaller Warlock paths will see buffs, and the Stormtrance super in general will be made more powerful.

Bungie is also making some slight changes to two other non-Arc Warlock subclasses. The studio acknowledged that it "swung a bit hard" when it applied a nerf to the Warlock's Nova Warp super previously, and is now trying to strike a happy medium there. And Bungie plans to scale back the Everlasting Fire perk on Dawnblade Warlocks, ensuring that Dawnblade can't be used for what feels like infinity in some activities.

And yes — Bungie is aware that the Hunter's Spectral Blade super is still a very big problem. In the studio's words: "We know it's out of bounds and are working right now on a few tweaks to bring it back in line."

Outside of that, you can look forward to a few more changes when Arc Week kicks off and Destiny 2's Update 2.2.1 patch arrives. The game will add new Exotic weapon catalysts for the Prospector, Rat King, Hard Light, and SUROS Regime. Gambit Prime weapons will have a better chance to drop as rewards from completed Gambit Prime matches. Tweaks to Gambit Prime itself will make invaders less potent and less common. And Gambit Prime's weekly role bounties will now guarantee a powerful helmet reward.


Arc Week comes to Destiny 2 on April 9. The Update 2.2.1 patch will also be deployed at that time.