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Combat Records Finally Come To Black Ops 4

Following a six-month wait, Treyarch has finally released the Combat Record feature for Black Ops 4, though not in the game itself. Players can access their Combat Record via the Call of Duty companion app and on the website. The reports contain an impressive amount of detail such as stats for specific equipment and weapon attachments.


Combat Records first appeared in Call of Duty: Blacks Ops and have remained a key feature of subsequent titles. Though a highly anticipated addition, fans have criticized the decision to make the Combat Record only accessible through web and mobile.

Treyarch addressed these concerns in a post on Reddit. The Combat Record "was a big feature that unfortunately only a small number of players engaged with in the game because it was buried deep in the menus," explained the developer. "Our design goal with Black Ops 4 has been to bring the most meaningful statistics to more players in more locations where they will see and interact with them." 

Though fans will have to rely on the Call of Duty website and companion app for deep dives into their performance, they can find limited stats within the game. Loading screens display the players' personal stats for each map and mode. Specialist performance stats are also available in the specialist personalization menus.


The Combat Record issue joins complaints about the game's Leaderboard which have persisted since its release last year. Rather than offering a Global Leaderboard as seen in previous titles, Black Ops 4 uses a much more barebones system that compares the player's stats to a list composed of friends and other players they've recently engaged with.

Treyarch tackled this criticism in the same Reddit post, saying "we took a new approach to making Leaderboard stats more meaningful to players who want to know how they stack up against their peers." 

Some users remain unsatisfied with this explanation, accusing the developer of offering meaningless stats and catering to new players. "I don't care how my stats compare to those of my five random internet 'friends,'" wrote MP115, "I want to see where I stand globally and in the current lobby."