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Destiny 2's 'The Revelry' Event Starts Next Week

If you're all out of things to do in Destiny 2, fear not — a new event is set to arrive next week, and it's bringing a whole lot of loot for you to chase.

The Revelry, according to Bungie, "celebrates the joy of Spring," and you can really see how the game is leaning into the Spring aesthetic in this videoDestiny 2's Tower — the main hub of the game's world — is covered in pastel colors and floral arrangements, with the sound of birds chirping off in the distance. Bungie is ace in the environmental art department, and the Revelry looks to be a great showcase of that.


But Destiny 2 is not about pretty flowers and the smell of Spring in the air: it's about chasing that sweet loot. And The Revelry looks to have enough to keep everyone busy for a while.

The game's Infinite Forest is again getting a rework — this time being resurrected as the Verdant Forest, lush with green and full of bad guys. The mission doesn't appear to be all that different from the area's turn as the Haunted Forest during Halloween's Festival of the Lost. You'll fight your way through stages of the Forest as quickly as possible, trying to clear as many as you can in order to face a larger boss at the end. This time, however, Bungie claims that you'll have to contend with five different bosses before declaring victory.


Fortunately, you'll have a bit of help on your side. Eva Levante, a returning NPC in the game, will be offering something called a Reveler's Tonic. You can add Reveler's Essence to the tonic by defeating the Verdant Forest's bosses, and there'll be three tonics in total to choose from, each with its own perk to aid you in battle.

There are rumors that Bungie is going to focus more heavily on the RPG aspects of Destiny in future installments. The Reveler's Tonic is basically a potion that can buff a certain ability for you in battle. Call us crazy, but this feels like a bit of a trial run for something more down the line.

Of course, we'd be remiss not to mention the rewards you can obtain during The Revelry. Weekly bounties during the event will drop Inaugural Revelry armor as a reward. The Eververse will also be stocked up with new items, including a Vernal Growth armor set, a golf swing emote, a new ship, new sparrows, and Spring-themed Ghost shells.

And there's a new exotic weapon coming as part of The Revelry — a kinetic fusion rifle called Arbalest, which can be obtained by completing in-game Triumphs during the event.

If there's anything we can draw from The Revelry's reveal, it's that the event is an apt metaphor for Destiny 2's current state. For the past few months, there hasn't been a lot of excitement inside the game. The mood has been dark and dreary. Next week, the world of Destiny 2 will look like one that's waking up from a long, cold winter, well rested and ready to expend some energy.


Destiny 2 players love their grind, and in the perpetual endgame that is Destiny 2's Annual Pass, there is plenty of that to go around. But sometimes players just want to have fun, too. Here's hoping The Revelry has it in droves.

Destiny 2's The Revelry event starts up on Tuesday, April 16 and comes to an end on Tuesday, May 7.