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Sekiro's Sales Figures Are Mighty Impressive

FromSoftware has yet another hit on its hands. According to USgamer, the studio's latest title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, sold more than two million copies in less than 10 days.

As Larry David would say, that is pretty, pretty, pretty good.


The game, which released last month on March 22, doesn't necessarily seem like the kind of title that would appeal to the masses. FromSoftware is known for making very challenging games — the kind you die in repeatedly, sometimes spending entire nights just dying, questioning whether you deserve to even hold a game controller, much less play the game.

But Sekiro looks to be selling faster than the Souls games of the past, at least to start. For a bit of comparison, we dug up some sales numbers for Dark Souls 3 and found that title had reached three million units sold in about a month and a half. That was with Bandai Namco as the publisher, by the way — and Dark Souls 3 wound up being Bandai Namco's most successful game launch ever.


Sekiro was never going to pull off that kind of feat for Activision, which has the likes of Call of Duty in its portfolio. But still, Sekiro will be three weeks old this Friday. Selling two million units in that span can't be seen as anything but impressive.

It also shows that a lot of people out there are gluttons for punishment.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has been fairly well received since it launched a few weeks back. IGN scored it a 9.5, calling it "a stylish, focused stealth-action take on the FromSoftware formula that evolves in a different and refreshing direction." And GameSpot added that it "marries [FromSoftware's] unique brand of gameplay with stealth action to deliver an experience that is as challenging as it is gratifying."

It's definitely worth a play if you're an alumnus of the Souls series or if you're coming from Bloodborne, and you even might take a liking to it if you're fond of the Tenchu games (a franchise that is, coincidentally, owned by FromSoftware).

Just keep that old Dark Souls warning, "prepare to die," in the back of your mind. You'll be doing that a lot.