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The First Thing You Need To Do In Palworld

"Palworld" may take a lot of cues from easily accessible games like "Pokémon" and "Fortnite," but that doesn't mean it's the easiest game to just pick up and start playing. It doesn't hold your hand too much in the early goings. Sure, it tells you the basics, but it's very easy to start exploring the wider world and battling over-powered enemies without taking a moment to settle into the world of the game. If you're going to start your quest to conquer this strange new land, you're going to want to have a nice beginner's stronghold to come back to between battles.


After your character wakes up on the beach in "Palworld," one of the first things you'll have to do is build your inaugural base. The game does a pretty decent job of walking you through this process, but what it doesn't explicitly tell you is that your game can be heavily impacted by the location of your character's first base. Before you do anything else, it is extremely important to identify the right corner of the map for your home away from home, or you're gonna have a bad time.

Location is key in Palworld's opening hours

First of all, you're going to want to make sure you build your first base with plenty of empty space around it. You may be tempted to surround yourself with hills or other obstructions for extra defense — there's nothing like bottlenecking your enemies in a tight squeeze between mountains and then unloading on them — but these can become more of a liability than a strength. You don't want to run out of room for expansion and you definitely don't want to create an issue for your own Pals.


At this point, it's easy for your Pals to get caught up on various landmarks, meaning they won't be much help if enemies decide to attack. These little issues with creature AI will hopefully be ironed out in future updates, but for now, it's best to give your Pals as flat of a playing field as possible. 

Go ahead and build in the Windswept Hills

With all of that in mind, the game thankfully gives you an amazing starting biome in the form of the Windswept Hills, which is filled with ample Pals to capture and resources to farm. Once you spawn at the Plateau of Beginnings, you can find plenty of open space nearby to set up shop.


Make sure to pick a spot with quick access to trees and rocks and other building materials, too. If you're besieged in your base, you'll want to be able to dart out and get pieces to rebuild your fallen cover. Lastly, give yourself a little bit of space between the Great Eagle Statue in the area and your base. These statues offer fast travel, but thanks to the handy Palbox that forms the core of your base, you'll also be able to use your newly-built structure as a fast travel point. Building a little bit away from the local statue will give you a bit more map coverage for quick movement.