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One Store Is Already Selling Final Fantasy 7: Remake At A Discount

Is it out yet? No. Do we have a prayer of seeing it anytime soon? Probably not. But that's not stopping Newegg from selling a pre-order for Final Fantasy 7: Remake at a lower price.

If you check out the store now, you'll see Final Fantasy 7: Remake priced at a cool $49.99, which is $10 cheaper than what the game will probably cost when it's actually released. It's not uncommon for stores to sell some pre-orders at a discount — heck, Sony's own PlayStation Store will do it with smaller games and indies from time to time. But it's not often you see this with games as big the re-imagined Final Fantasy 7, especially when there's no release date in sight.


There's no word on how long this deal will last, though we're willing to bet it won't be around long.

The journey toward Final Fantasy 7: Remake is one that will likely be measured in decades when all is said and done. The game had been kicked around as a potential project at Square Enix for some time, but never got officially announced until E3 2015. Since then, we've seen bits and pieces of the title, which will split the original Final Fantasy 7 story into installments. We've not gotten any indication that development is all that far along on the first episode, and we learned recently that Final Fantasy 7 character designer Tetsuya Nomura was busy wrapping up work on Kingdom Hearts 3, which only just released in late January.


So unless Sony and Square Enix have a surprise drop in store for the end of 2019, we're probably not seeing any part of Final Fantasy 7: Remake on sale this year. Sony won't be at E3 2019, and you have to imagine that if this new take on Final Fantasy 7 were ready to go (or if The Last of Us: Part 2 or Death Stranding were either, for that matter), the company would be there.

Alas, you can at least save your future self $10 by pre-ordering Final Fantasy 7: Remake now. Just don't ask us when you'll be able to play it — we have no idea.