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Hidden Message In PS4's God Of War Theme Potentially Points To A Sequel

Fans have been begging for a new God of War ever since last year's entry blew everyone away. If this hidden message inside a PlayStation 4 theme means anything, they might just get their wish.

Sony recently gave away a God of War PS4 theme to celebrate the game's one year anniversary. And according to Push Square, the boat featured on the theme's home screen has some very interesting text. It's written using Nordic runes, but some enterprising internet users have translated its meaning, and for those who've played God of War (or have some knowledge of Norse mythology), it'll make a whole lot of sense.


"Ragnarok is coming," it says. And so are spoilers. You've been warned.

Years after the events of God of War, after Kratos and Atreus have returned home, the two are startled in the night by a sudden storm. They grab their weapons, Kratos throws open the door... and is greeted by Thor. Kratos screams, "Who are you?" And then the scene cuts to black.

The game then takes you back to the present day, with Atreus remarking about a dream he'd had — that Fimbulwinter was coming to an end, and that Thor had come for the two. Kratos tells Atreus it was just a dream, but Atreus feels like it was something more. Perhaps a vision of the future.

In Norse mythology, Fimbulwinter is the cold, snowy period that comes directly before Ragnorok, the cataclysmic string of events and battles that will ultimately bring death to a number of Norse gods. Thor is one of those gods, so it stands to reason that he might enlist the help of Kratos, especially since — spoilers again — Atreus' true identity is Loki, and Loki is also foretold to be a victim of Ragnarok.


So God of War: Ragnarok confirmed, right? Kratos, Atreus and Thor team up to prevent Ragnarok from occurring? It's still far too early to say anything is for certain. But there's definitely a lot of smoke here, and now we're looking forward to God of War's future even more than we already were.

We'll update you if more news breaks on this topic.