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Restaurant Wars, Aerial Dogfights, And More Arrive On Fortnite

Fortnite got a little nuttier with this week's update. Featuring two Limited Time Modes, a new weapon, and an adorable new gameplay feature, Patch v8.40 has some wacky adventures in store for the game's 250 million players.


The vaulted X-4 Stormwing returns for Air Royale. This duos-only mode requires players to take to the sky for some plane-on-plane action. Players will respawn until their plane loses all three of its lives. Touching the ground causes instant elimination and any plane that remains parked longer than a few seconds will explode. Hijacking an enemy plane will cost the team a plane life while increasing your own. You also must keep an eye on the storm as its ceiling will lower throughout the match. During the bout, chests and repair kits will rain from the sky, allowing you to upgrade weapons, nab more ammo, and heal up planes and allies.

Food Fight is back with a new "Deep Fried" twist for Season 8. In this mode, two teams spawn on opposite sides of the map separated by a barrier running down the center. Near this barrier, both sides will find an under-construction restaurant with a giant mascot head inside. Players have several minutes to construct a defensive fortress around their restaurant before the barrier drops. Whichever side destroys the enemy team's mascot and remaining members wins the match. To spice things up, both sides will have to contend with lava rising from the floor as the mode progresses.


The egg-themed Grenade Launcher skin returns in this update, accompanying the debut of the Infantry Rifle. Most importantly, players "can now pet the dog ... and other pets." This new feature comes in response to a tweet made earlier in the month by Can You Pet the Dog?, an account that catalogs pettable dogs in video games. Though the animation more resembles a slap, you can now shower other player's pets with (slightly violent) affection.