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Sea Of Thieves Teases Upcoming Shores Of Gold Story Campaign

With its massive Anniversary Update arriving on April 30, the future of Rare's Sea of Thieves is looking brighter than ever. Packed full of content and gameplay improvements, the free update has a lot to offer players. The latest trailer provides a sneak peek at one of the most significant additions: the all-new Tall Tales story mode. The official website says it will have "grand adventures, vast riches to plunder, ancient secrets to uncover ... stories of piracy and wild encounters on the waves. The Sea of Thieves is bigger and stranger than anyone knows."


Tall Tales — Shores of Gold sends you on a quest for the Shroudbreaker, a powerful artifact that enables its wielder to reach a mystical island "that lies beyond the borders" of the world. A collection of interwoven narratives, Shores of Gold further develops the setting of the pirate world. With its high risk, high reward atmosphere, players stand to gain great riches if they can overcome the puzzles, traps, and enemies barring their path. Shores of Gold introduces Skeleton Lords to the game, a new foe "meaner than any of the bony marauders you've fought so far." Big, bad, and undead, these resourceful foes will test your mettle as you and your crew progress through the story. New characters, undiscovered locations, and fresh gameplay elements will also feature. 


The Arena, a new competitive mode that pits crews against one another in high-stakes match-ups, will launch alongside the story system. Long-awaited fishing and cooking mechanics will also make their debut as part of the trading company, The Hunter's Call.

Sea of Thieves released in March 2018 to mixed reviews. Though critics praised its foundation as a pirate-simulation, the lack of content and variety left many feeling empty-handed. Hopefully, the wealth of new content and gameplay adjustments Rare has promised will help the action adventure reclaim some of its potential.