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PSN's Golden Week Sale Kicks Off Today

There's nothing like sitting down with a nice cup of coffee and browsing some video game deals. Thanks to the PlayStation Network's Golden Week Sale, you'll get to do that for a week and a half starting today. No coffee included.


Sony announced the sale on its PlayStation Blog, embedding a giant blue table full of game titles, original prices, and sale prices. You can check that out here if you want. We've combed through the sale in its entirety however, and have our recommendations for the best games and discounts below. So if you want to save some time and ensure you walk away with something good, read on.

To start, Kingdom Hearts 3 is priced down to $40.19. That's a solid deal for one of the year's biggest RPGs thus far. The Resident Evil 2 remake is also selling for $40.19, offering a faithful recreation of Capcom's '90s classic for those who prefer current consoles. Dead Cells doesn't see a lot of deep discounts, so its $17.49 price point during the sale is worth a look — just make sure your review is original. Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is selling for $35.99, which is a bargain for the number of gameplay hours you'll get from it. The remade Shadow of the Colossus can be re-experienced at an even cheaper price: $14.99. Nioh is one worth playing if you missed it the first time around, selling for $19.99. And the critically acclaimed Monster Hunter: World is priced to sell, going for a mere $19.99.


We can't help but notice that Sony isn't really pulling its weight in this Golden Week Sale, meant to mark the period of time in Japan in which many workers get a week off. There's no Uncharted to be found here. The Last of Us appears lost, as well. Horizon Zero Dawn is missing, as is God of War. That's kind of disappointing, especially if you're a multi-platform gamer and Sony exclusives are what differentiates the platform from the Xbox One and PC.

We're not about to turn down some good deals, though, and neither should you. But act fast — the Golden Week Sale wraps up on May 7.