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Fortnite's Account Merging Feature Disappears On May 6

Do you have more than one Fortnite account? Say, because one was locked to your PlayStation 4? If so, time is running out for you to merge that account with the one you're using on other platforms.

Epic Games published a blog post today that was short, sweet, and to the point, stating that the ability to merge accounts will no longer be around on May 6. That gives you just four days to decide if you want to merge the multiple accounts you're using or keep them separate. After that date, the choice will be out of your hands entirely.


Really, we can't see any reason why you wouldn't do it.

Fortnite will forever be known as the game that made Sony fold when it comes to cross-play. As such, Fortnite now has cross-play and shared progression across all platforms, including PlayStation 4. That means the goodies you've unlocked on your Nintendo Switch or your Xbox One can be used on your PS4, and vice versa.

That is, unless you created one account for your PlayStation and one for the rest. But that's what the account merging feature is for. It takes your two accounts and turns them into one. As far as we can tell, there isn't a real downside to doing this.

Are there upsides? Yes, plenty! You no longer have to log into two different accounts. You don't have to give two different Fortnite usernames out to those you want to play with. You don't have to struggle to remember which account had that really cool Black Widow skin on it. We don't mean to sound all Marie Kondo, but having just one Fortnite account will help reduce the clutter associated with all of your online personas. Choose one account, thank it for its service, and merge it into the other one. Change your life for the better.


It's worth noting that this process isn't instantaneous. Once you link your two accounts together, it could take around two weeks for your Fortnite loot and V-Bucks to transfer from one account to the other. But the May 6 deadline is just for getting the process started — not finishing it. As long as you request a merger before that date, you're fine.

Now go do it. Seriously. It's the right decision.