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Life Is Strange 2 Amps Up The Drama In Long-Awaited Third Episode

Over three months have passed since the release of Life is Strange 2's second episode. With a week to go until Episode 3 arrives, Square Enix has shared a brand-new launch trailer to give players a taste of what awaits them in the next installment of the popular adventure game.


Life is Strange 2 follows new protagonists Sean and Daniel Diaz, brothers forced into a life on the run in the wake of a tragic accident. Titled Wastelands, Episode 3 finds the pair falling in with a group of drifters within the redwood forests of California. As they attempt to scrape together enough money to continue their journey to Mexico, the boys face new dangers. The greatest of these may prove to be Daniel's growing telekinetic powers and the rift this creates between them. "It's my power ... not yours," declares Daniel in the trailer. "I'm not a kid anymore."

A sequel to the award-winning Life is Strange, the first of Life of Strange 2's five planned episodes released for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in September 2018. Episode 3 will launch on May 9, with Episode 4 following on August 22. The game will conclude with a final episode at the start of December. Feral Interactive has also stated that Life is Strange 2 will release for macOS and Linux sometime in 2019.


Acknowledging the long development windows between episodes, developer DONTNOD commented: "The Life is Strange series is a project close to all of our hearts and one for which we do not want to rush development and thereby fail to meet the benchmark of quality and emotional impact that you, our players, deserve."

Life is Strange 2's first two episodes have received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised the touching, quiet moments nestled amidst the game's occasionally awkward dialogue and clumsy political statements.