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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Still Episodic, According To Square Enix

On Thursday, we got our first look at Final Fantasy 7 Remake in a long while, and it was arguably the stream-stealing moment in Sony's latest State of Play. But what are the plans for the game's release? Is the remake coming in one large package, or is Square Enix still planning to divvy up its classic into smaller portions?


Now we know.

The folks at DualShockers translated a message on the Japanese Square Enix website, which was posted shortly after the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer played. And that message states pretty clearly that "the game will be released in multiple parts." So if you've been wondering why we've been seeing a whole lot of Final Fantasy 7's early happenings in trailers and other footage, it's likely that Square Enix is still working on that first chapter and hasn't yet reached into later stages of the game.

Thinking realistically, it's totally understandable that Square Enix would split Final Fantasy 7 into a few different releases. The remake is getting an enormous overhaul, with all new visuals, new cutscenes, and a new battle system. It's a remake in the truest sense, in that it's an entirely new game using Final Fantasy 7's story. And we aren't living in 1997 with pre-rendered backgrounds anymore; this is Final Fantasy 7's world fully realized. It's a huge undertaking.


Is it still a bummer that the first part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake has taken this long, still isn't out, and there are other parts that might take equally as long? Absolutely. We might be watching our great grandchildren play the last chapter of the remake if it keeps up this pace, and who knows if we'll even remember what Final Fantasy 7 is at that point. Or our great grandchildren's names, for that matter.

But there's a tiny speck of hope that we could see this first slice of FF7 Remake a lot sooner than we think. At the very beginning of the State of Play trailer, there is text that reads "The return draws closer." At the end of the trailer, Square Enix lets us know that more info on Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming in June. And it cannot be coincidence that, this year, Square Enix occupies the prime time E3 slot vacated by Sony.

Square Enix didn't even try to go prime time for Kingdom Hearts 3 last year. It feels like the company has something huge for E3, and who knows: maybe, just maybe, it could be a release date for the first installment of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. That would absolutely blow the doors off the joint.

We'll keep you up to speed should we come across any other Final Fantasy-related news.