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Super Mario Maker 2 Has A Remarkably Small File Size

Video games take up a lot of space these days. Have you ever tried to install Gears of War 4 on an Xbox One X? It weighs in at over 103 GB, which is absurd. Fortunately, that's not a problem you'll have with Super Mario Maker 2 on your storage-starved Nintendo Switch.


According to DestructoidSuper Mario Maker 2 will take up less than 3 GB of your precious, precious space. And really, that's a breath of fresh air when you consider that just about every other video game in existence is trying to be the only game you have stored. The Nintendo Switch only ships with 32 GB of on-board storage, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — which, to be fair, is a massive open-world experience — takes up 13.4 GB. And don't even look at some larger third-party titles unless you want to faint; Mortal Kombat on the Switch takes up 22.5 GB for the base game and requires 15.9 GB of additional space for its day-one patch. That means you can't even download that game now without an SD card.


Those new Nintendo Switch revisions can't come fast enough. They desperately need more storage out of the box.

But until they come along, you can rest easy knowing that Super Mario Maker 2 won't be eating your Switch's internal flash drive alive. And if you have an SD card for expanded storage, the game will barely be a blip on your radar. It's a small perk, when you consider the game itself will provide a way for you to build and experience unlimited amounts of Mario levels, and even comes with a story mode for those who want some Nintendo-made platforming action right off the bat. But in an age where games are growing so much faster than the storage drives that are meant to contain them, it's nice to see that Super Mario Maker 2 has managed to cram so much into such a tiny package.

Super Mario Maker 2 hits the Nintendo Switch on June 28, 2019.