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Days Of Play Offers PlayStation Deals, Starts On June 7

Looking to join the PlayStation family, or perhaps add more PlayStation games to your current backlog? Sony has a little something for that, and it's called Days of Play.

Days of Play is a sale on all things PlayStation that runs from June 7 through June 17, and if those dates jump out at you, it's likely because Sony's Days of Play event runs right through E3. Sony won't have a presence at the gaming expo this year, but it appears the company still intends to keep the PlayStation brand fresh in everyone's minds. And it just might work; some of the deals Sony is teasing are very good.


During Days of Play, a Jet Black PlayStation 4 Pro will sell for $350. PlayStation VR bundles will start at $250. DualShock 4 controllers will drop in price to $40. Games like Days Gone and God of War will receive discounts (though they've not been revealed yet). And Sony's PlayStation Hits titles, which regularly sell for $20, will also come down in price, with some selling for as little as $10.

It's worth noting that the above discounts are for physical products. But Sony also plans to hold a digital sale during that same time period on the PlayStation Store, and will also feature deals on PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions. So there will be a little something for everyone during Days of Play, whether you're a die-hard disc lover or a you're entirely devoted to digital.


In terms of what you should keep an eye out for, we'd look very closely at those PlayStation Hits discounts. Major Sony-published exclusives like BloodborneThe Last of Us: RemasteredUncharted: The Nathan Drake CollectionUncharted 4, and Until Dawn are a part of the PlayStation Hits program, as are games like Persona 5Yakuza KiwamiMetal Gear Solid 5, and Doom. If you can manage to nab any one of those titles for $10, you'll be making out like a bandit.

Just don't buy Persona 5 and expect you'll have time to play anything else for a while.

Sony's Days of Play event is just nine days away at this point, so if you're currently shopping around for new PlayStation games, you might want to hold off for a bit. The sale starts next Friday, June 7, and wraps up on Monday, June 17.