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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Leaks Ahead Of Reveal Stream

So much for surprises! Bungie — the studio behind Destiny 2 — had a reveal stream planned for this Thursday, which was presumably set to look at the game's next upcoming expansion. Now it seems that expansion has already leaked.


A dataminer on Reddit dug into Destiny 2's latest update (which dropped today) and shared information on a brand new expansion called Shadowkeep, which is apparently coming this fall. And according to the graphic uncovered through the datamine, Shadowkeep will take Destiny 2 players back to the moon in order to "journey deep into a mysterious enemy citadel" and "become a slayer of nightmares." What does that mean? We don't know just yet. We do know thanks to the Reddit leaker, however, that a "resurgent Hive force" will be the primary enemy faction in Shadowkeep. And since the Hive play a key role in the Crown of Sorrows raid dropping later today, there could perhaps be a connection between the two.


We expect Bungie will have a lot more to say about Shadowkeep on Thursday. But there is one other thing we'll have to keep an eye on during the studio's stream: where on the moon the Shadowkeep expansion takes place. We've not seen a lot of areas return from the first Destiny, though it's something a lot of players would love to see happen. Bungie could simply go to a different area of the moon, just as it did for Destiny 2's Warmind expansion, which didn't take place on the Destiny version of Mars. Or the studio could bring back the first Destiny's moon areas and potentially expand them out a bit with new zones.

Whatever the case, there are likely a lot of players looking forward to seeing the moon again. It's definitely been a while.

There's no word yet on when Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will drop — that'll undoubtedly come straight from Bungie's stream — but we'll be sure to fill you in once we know more.