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Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Shield Launch On Nov. 15

This morning's Nintendo Direct gave us an even closer look at the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield, and finally put to rest the biggest question being asked about two games: when are they coming out?


It's going to be a busy fall, Nintendo fans. Both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield arrive on Friday, Nov. 15, launching simultaneously around the globe.

That news followed a slew of new information about the titles, including a look at some of the new Pokemon we'll encounter on our journey through the Galar region. Most who've been following Sword and Shield are already familiar with Grokey, Scorbunny, and Scobble, who will serve as the starters in the two games. But today's Direct also introduced us to four more: Wooloo, Gossifleur, Drednaw, and Corviknight.

And Corviknight, it appears, will serve a very important role in Sword and Shield. That Pokemon will serve as a sort of fast-travel transportation system between the cities and towns we discover, helping us move around the Galar region more quickly.


The Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct also taught us about Wild Areas, which are the areas between cities where untamed Pokemon roam. The location of a Wild Area will apparently play a role in the types of Pokemon we encounter in it, and it seems weather will also play a big factor in whether certain Pokemon feel like showing themselves in Wild Areas or if they prefer to stay hidden. And Pokemon Go! players certainly noticed a new type of gameplay element that appears to have made a transition to Pokemon Sword and Shield: raid battles. These fights, called Max Raid Battles in the game, allow up to four players to team up against one large Pokemon, with the ability to have one ally Pokemon at a time 'Dynamax', which enables them to grow and use more powerful attacks.

Dynamaxing, by the way, can also be used in your one-on-one Pokemon battles, such as in contests against the Galar region's various Gym Leaders.

We got to meet a few of the characters we'll cross paths with during Sword and Shield, such as Milo, a grass-type Pokemon expert and Gym Leader; and Professor Magnolia, who figures to play the Professor Oak-type role this time around. But one of the more substantial reveals came at the very end of Nintendo's stream, when we got a look at two of the new Legendary Pokemon: Zacian, wielding a sword; and Zamazenta, sporting a shield-like mane. These two Pokemon appear to be where Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield get their names. And honestly? They both looked awesome.


We can't imagine Nintendo will let the months go by without talking about Sword and Shield at least a few more times. So if any other news breaks, we'll let you know.