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Submarine Sim Barotrauma Launches On Steam Early Access

Barotrauma, the submarine simulator from Daedalic Entertainment, Undertow Games, and FakeFish has hit Steam Early Access.

The game transports you to Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, where you and your crew must navigate the treacherous depths of a frozen ocean. Monstrous creatures, alien ruins, and powerful artifacts lurk within the darkened waters, waiting to be discovered. "Beneath the frozen surface lies a diverse world rich with resources, flora, and fauna," says the Feature Trailer. "Explore the different biomes and various locations one step at a time on your journey toward the heart of the ocean." 


Up to 16 players can work together in the submarine at once, taking on one of five classes: captain, engineer, mechanic, medic or security officer. Through the crafting system, you can create tools, drugs, and weapons. The submarine also boasts many onboard systems for you and your friends to operate, such as nuclear reactors, guns, and engines.

For those who'd prefer to go it alone, Barotrauma offers a single-player mode that lets you to manage the submarine and AI crew by yourself. A single player campaign, sandbox mode, and single missions expand upon the experience. You can also customize the game with a full array of mod tools like the submarine editor and character and procedural animation editor. Share and discover new mods in the Steam Workshop.


For those unfamiliar with the term, barotrauma references injuries caused by changes in air or water pressure. Ear barotrauma, which in severe cases can cause the rupturing of the eardrum, is the most common. Barotrauma of the lungs and a generalized form known as decompression sickness that affects the entire body can also occur. Ominous implications for a submarine simulator.

To celebrate Barotrauma's launch, Daedalic is offering a 15% discount on purchases made in the first week, reducing the price from $29.99 to $25.49.