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Destiny 2 Producer Explains Cross-Save In More Detail

When Bungie announced cross-save for Destiny 2 yesterday, the company didn't go into too much detail about how it all would work. Today we know a little more, thanks to a producer on the Destiny team.


Jared Berbach, a principal producer at Bungie, took to Twitter following Bungie's stream to answer a couple of questions about cross-save; mainly, which characters and accounts would be impacted, and how players could expect the feature to work.

"More detailed info coming but... TLDR: No merge," Berbach said, confirming that players would not be able to merge multiple Destiny 2 accounts together. "You choose one account from your platform of choice. For example: I choose to make my current Xbox One account my Cross Save account on BNET. Now when I log into Steam, PS4, and Stadia I see those characters."

For some, this system is going to be just fine. For others, however, some tough decisions are going to have to be made. Cross-save will be new to the Destiny 2 experience when it arrives this fall. It's never existed before. So up to this point, players with friends on other platforms have essentially been leading double (or triple) lives, leveling up characters tied to totally different accounts. Some characters might have weapons and armor that others don't. One character may have a raid clear on one platform while a character on another platform doesn't. You get the idea.


Once cross-save goes live, though, only one of those accounts can survive if players wish to have their progress synced everywhere they go. So if your Xbox One account has the highest-level characters and the most gear, you might want to choose that as your cross-save account, even if it means losing that PC character that somehow got lucky enough to land a One Thousand Voices from the Last Wish raid.

To be fair, those who put serious amounts of time in on multiple platforms are likely in the minority, and most won't have a meaningful second or third Destiny 2 account when cross-save goes live in September. But if you're one of the few who do have a small army of Destiny 2 characters across PC, PS4 and Xbox One, you might want to start thinking about who lives and who dies.

We'll have more on Destiny 2's cross-save functionality and the game's other new features as news develops.