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Nintendo Attempts To Shut Down Leaker Ahead Of E3 Direct

Twitter leaker Sabi has been pretty darn accurate about E3 2019 so far, calling the shot on Keanu Reeves being in Cyberpunk 2077 and nailing the details of Doom Eternal's new multiplayer mode. Now Nintendo is aiming to keep its own secrets from getting out ahead of schedule.


Kotaku is reporting that Sabi, who claimed to have information about Nintendo's E3 Direct stream, received a phone call from lawyers representing the video game giant after Sabi's first few rounds of leaks made their way around the internet. Sabi was apparently told Nintendo "would pursue legal actions" if leaks about Nintendo's show got out, and Sabi — probably wisely — agreed not to distribute information about Nintendo's Direct as a result.

What's fascinating, however, is how in the world Nintendo's lawyers even found Sabi to begin with.

According to Sabi, they're currently residing in a country that they're not a citizen of. Not only that, the house phone that was called by Nintendo's lawyers is one that isn't tied to Sabi whatsoever. Despite Sabi having no identifying information on Twitter, Nintendo's legal squad somehow tracked this person to a foreign country and called a phone inside the house that Sabi is staying at. Maybe Nintendo should get out of the games industry and focus on cyber-espionage; the company appears to have some real talent in that department.


So is that the end, then? Is Nintendo now safe from leaks? Apparently not. Sabi stated to Kotaku that their source "leaks through other people as well." So there's still a chance that, prior to Nintendo's E3 Direct tomorrow, some of the company's biggest announcements could find their way online beforehand. We'll just have to keep our eyes on Twitter and wait to see what develops.

Nintendo's E3 Direct is scheduled for tomorrow at 9 a.m. PT. We'll be on hand to cover all the announcements from it, but should something leak out before the Direct takes place, we'll certainly have that news for you, as well.