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This Hori Grip Is What The Nintendo Switch Should've Had To Begin With

The Nintendo Switch is downright fantastic for on-the-go gaming, but that's provided you find the right grip. You see, Nintendo's Joy-Cons are a bit of a gift and a curse. On one hand, they provide for a lot of the motion-controlled gaming that Nintendo seems to love, like throwing a Pokeball in Pokemon: Let's Go! On the other hand, though, those same Joy-Cons are sub-par for just about any other type of game. The buttons and sticks are positioned awkwardly, and trying to manipulate said buttons and sticks while holding the Switch can be a real challenge.


Enter Hori's Grip Controller, which is themed around the upcoming Daemon X Machina and is, unfortunately, only being sold in Japan for now.

The Grip Controller replaces the Joy-Cons with what essentially look like two halves of a full-sized gamepad. The joysticks are larger and appear to have a wider range of motion. The button placement isn't all out of whack. And there's even a real d-pad, too, for those fighting game fans who find the separated buttons on the Joy-Con totally unacceptable. There's even a programmable button on the back that you can map to anything, which those who play shooters will undoubtedly get some use out of.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the Nintendo Switch should've looked like from the beginning. By trying to make the Joy-Cons do a bunch of things, Nintendo ensured they don't do anything all that well. At the very least, Nintendo should consider selling attachments just like these.


There's no word on whether or not Hori's Grip Controller will make its way to the United States, but if you're not afraid to do a little importing, the Grip Controller releases in Japan this September. According to Kotaku, it'll run you around $45, but if you're someone who plays a lot of Rocket League or enjoys a good first-person shooter from time to time, it's something you might want to consider. Your hands will thank you, no doubt, for all of the arthritis they won't be getting holding the Switch with its Joy-Cons attached.