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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Could've Come To PS4

A lot of Xbox One exclusives have been showing up in other places lately, but did you know that one of the console's biggest franchises could've appeared on a competing system? Yeah, we're talking Halo, and according to former IGN reporter Colin Moriarty, Halo: The Master Chief Collection was being considered for PlayStation 4.


ComicBook.com reported on this revelation, sharing Moriarty's quote from his Sacred Symbols PlayStation podcast published today. And according to that quote, Moriarty stated that he "[had] it on good authority that Master Chief Collection was being talked about on PS4 years ago." That, folks, would have been stunning.

Think about it. We've had Minecraft on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles for a while, thanks to that franchise being multi-platform prior to Microsoft's acquisition of Mojang in 2014. But Microsoft has only been pushing this idea of being everywhere in the past year or two. Halo: The Master Chief Collection first came out for the Xbox One back in 2014. So it seems based on that timeline that Microsoft was potentially toying with having Halo as a multiplatform title prior to its 'play everywhere' push.


And to do that with one of the company's biggest properties? One that's never been on a competing platform before? Wow, would the landscape of gaming today look a lot different. Heck, we're surprised enough that The Master Chief Collection is making its way to Steam. Halo in the PlayStation Store would've caused some heads to explode.

It's all the more interesting to learn this news in light of Microsoft's recent moves. Microsoft is changing its tune on PC, showing a willingness to put its titles in other stores. Cuphead, which was advertised as a console exclusive for Xbox One, is now available on the Nintendo Switch. And Microsoft has stated that it would like to put Xbox Live in games on any platform, and in fact, Cuphead will get Xbox Live integration on Switch with a future update.

In other words, it seems like Microsoft might be even more willing to have Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PlayStation 4 now than it was years ago, when the company decided not to follow through.

We didn't get any kind of big announcement regarding this at E3, so perhaps the time has come and gone. Or maybe Microsoft will blow everyone's minds by showing up on Sony's E3 stage in 2020, offering up Halo: MCC and Halo: Infinite. We'll certainly be paying closer attention to Microsoft, watching for any signs that this could happen. And if we stumble upon something (or someone else does), we'll fill you in.