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There Is Now A Flappy Bird Battle Royale Game

Remember Flappy Bird, the frustrating-yet-addicting mobile game from 2013 that took the world by storm? It seems there is now a battle royale variant on that game, though it's not from the same creator: it's an entirely new experience from a completely different team.


Flappy Royale is available for iOS, Android, and PCs via a web browser, according to Game Rant. And it plays pretty much just like the Flappy Bird you might remember. You're tasked with navigating a tiny bird through an endless series of pipes, tapping to flap upward and letting gravity do its work when you need to go down. The difference in the battle royale version of the game is that 99 other birds are trying to do the same thing, and you're all playing with the goal of being the last bird flying.

It's not unlike that Mario Royale title we highlighted a few days back (which has since been taken down). It takes an already-established game and simply challenges you to outlast everyone else. The big question is, how long will it remain online?


At the height of Flappy Bird's popularity in 2014, creator Dong Nguyen took it down, citing the game's addictiveness. And both Apple and Google spent a significant amount of time rejecting the hordes of clones that popped up to replace it. Just about anything that had "Flappy" in the title earned a swift rejection, and it wasn't long before those hoping to cash in on Nguyen's idea simply gave up trying to emulate it.

With Flappy Royale, it appears a whole different team of developers has copied both Flappy Bird's gameplay and its art style. So we're a little skeptical that this game's going to stick around in its current state. More likely than not, we'll probably see a change of some kind once the game gets more coverage and either Apple or Google realize what's going on.

In the meantime, you can go enjoy Flappy Royale in your web browser right now. We have to say: we do love the little bus dropping all the birds off at the beginning. That's a nice touch.