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How To Get More Spell Energy In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

One of the limiting factors in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is spell energy. You will need it to take down confoundables and battle in fortresses; there just isn't much you can do in the game without it. There are a few different ways you can replenish your spell energy as you play, however. Here's what you need to know.


The most common method for restoring your energy is visiting inns. Each time you go to an inn, you will receive a random food item that will replenish energy. Each can restore anywhere from one to ten points of spell energy each time you visit. After use, the inn will go into a "cooldown" phase of five minutes before you can use it again. Head to an area near where you live with a lot of shops, and you'll probably find a lot of other in-game places to replenish energy. Greenhouses in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite can also do so, but they are randomized, and they don't always give energy. If you're low on spell energy, prioritize inns over greenhouses.

Challenges will often net you some spell energy, too: focus on completing those each day to give yourself a little extra to work with.


There is also an easy — and costly — way to get more spell energy: you can buy it. You can purchase 50 energy for 100 gold if you need a quick boost. You can also permanently boost your maximum capacity by ten spell energy for 150 gold. This will allow you to hold more and be better prepared for longer treks.

It won't get you more energy, but getting better at casting spells (and doing it faster) will also save you spell energy in the long run. Maximize your efficiency by improving your spellcasting!