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Dr. Disrespect Announces Date For His Twitch Comeback Stream

Dr. Disrespect may be unbanned from Twitch, but it seems he's not quite ready to return to streaming just yet.

Game Rant is reporting that Dr. Disrespect's Twitter account has shared a video touting the Doc's official return to Twitch. It won't be this week or next, though his ban was lifted this past Wednesday. Instead, the date he'll start streaming again is Monday, July 8, 2019, which means those who were hoping Dr. Disrespect would pick up where he left off after his ban are going to be waiting a little while longer.


You might think this news would disappoint some of Dr. Disrespect's fans, who are undoubtedly eager for him to get back on camera. But surprisingly, many see the Doc's delay and the buildup to his next stream for what it is: some pretty good marketing.

"Dudes a marketing genius," said one fan on Twitter. "Just got himself over a week off and is going to absolutely rake it in when he returns to twitch."

"This mans channel is going to break the internet upon his return," said another. "I'm guessing millions will be in attendance."

As we reported a few weeks back, Dr. Disrespect's Twitch ban came thanks to his filming inside a public restroom at E3 in Los Angeles. The act violated both Twitch's terms of service and a California state privacy law, and it cost the Doc his E3 press badge as well as two weeks of potential income on Twitch. It's unclear whether the latter will be that impactful; there are plenty of streamers who don't go to E3, after all. But honestly? The ban might not have hurt all that much, either. There's a whole lot of hype surrounding his return, and the event is bound to be one of Twitch's biggest this year.


We have a sneaking suspicion that Dr. Disrespect's July 8 stream might break some records; if not for him personally, than for Twitch as a whole. So we'll have our eyes on it. Should anything extraordinary happen when the Doc makes his Twitch comeback, we'll get the news in front of you.